1978 Toyota Celica LT 2L 4 cylinder from Australia and New Zealand


Awesome car, comfortable, stylish, can't wait to drive her


Small amount of rust in right hand pillar.

Cam chain has worn out and rattles.

Window wiper joint wore out (right hand side)

Back seat ripped on top.

Tie rod end joints were worn.

Breaks were badly worn

Front Shokies were badly worn

General Comments:

Beautiful to look at, very sleek design, nice curves, especially the back end. Quite low to the ground, driver sits 40cm above the ground. I also love the doors, very long and classy.

Comfortable seats, All areas of instrument panel are well within reach. And there is plenty of room to sit in. Though anyone in the back seat would be a little cramped with anyone taller in the front.

This is my first car and I am restoring it with the help of interior and mechanicals from a '79' coupe.

There is a fair amount of work still to be done yet, Cam chain replaced, air conditioning transfered from '79' coupe, re-spray body, interior restored (sand and paint with plastic paint), roof re insulated and covered, new chrome trim for edgeing. And there is a strange jerking when motor starts which we are not sure of yet.

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Review Date: 8th February, 2006

6th May 2006, 04:05

Don't forget to replace the exhaust manifold gasket! This gasket was a common "burn-out" problem on the 1978s, which were otherwise pretty bulletproof. Had a 1978 GT (Liftback) US model... excellent car with superior A/C (actually a GM compressor licensed by Toyota from GM).