1996 Toyota Celica ST 1.8L 16v from North America


An attractive value with endless aftermarket possibilities!


I have had no major problems with this car, and it is driven constantly! However, watch out for the sun visors. They are attached to the car by plastic rods, rather than the metal rods which came on the older models' sun visors. The first time I tried to swivel the driver's sun visor toward the driver's side window, it snapped right off. The complete part costs around $76 at any US Toyota dealer.

General Comments:

When I drove this vehicle home, I checked it's vitals to find there was no motor oil in the engine! Despite the fact it has been so badly neglected, I have never had problems with the engine, suspension or drive train. The engine runs very quietly. This car drives as though it was driven off of the the new car lot yesterday. The exterior of this car is, in my opinion, beautiful. Once you're inside, you will find that the interior is extremely comfortable and well laid out. The factory seats seem to be well designed, as they support every curve of your back. However, taller folks may have problems finding enough headroom, and may have problems climbing in and out due to the fact that the Celica is quite low to the ground. The only complaint I have is the lack of power under the hood, because the ST is equipped with the 1.8L engine normally reserved for Toyota's Corolla. Handling is this car's definite strong point. Not to mention, if the lack of power really bothers you, with a little time and money there are several other Toyota engines which can be easily swapped into this car. These include 2 excellent turbo engines, the 4a-gze from the Toyota MR2, the 3s-gte, found in later model MR2s and Celica All-Tracs. Both excellent choices, and depending on whether you purchase an ST or GT, these engines will drop right in.

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Review Date: 8th August, 2004

9th Aug 2004, 11:46

Its not really advisable to drop the 3S GTE engine in as this engine was developed for 4 wheel drive transmission, and will break the standard ST box!

26th Apr 2006, 13:44

Well you can put a 3sgte in the ST or GT with no problems. For the ST, you will have to use the GT tranny or get an E153. Also, you will need to fab a new motor mount.. Not that difficult really. Go to www.6gc.net to check it out.

1996 Toyota Celica GT 2.2litre from North America


Under_ powered beauty


Cooling system malfunction at 83,400 miles. Worn CV boots at 84,000. Starter replaced at 84,163 miles. Thermostat replaced at 86,439 miles.

General Comments:

This car lacked the power that my previous car had.

Looked beautiful.

Handled corners like a champ.

But acceleration left much to be desired.

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Review Date: 3rd August, 2003

30th Jun 2007, 11:31

The Celica is reliable, beautiful and ergonomic when it comes to interior, and is made of superior materials inside and out. The Camaro may have more power in the rear wheel drive, but lacks all the rest that the Celica has to offer. Japanese cars are plainly better.

Of course, nowadays the quality of ALL cars made German, American, Korean, French AND Japanese even have go down the XXXX. Thanks to CEOs like Carlos Ghosn "Le Cost Killer" or "Le

QUALITY KILLER!" yes, cars may be cheaper now, but their life-span is perhaps half of what a car's life-span used to be. So if the prices went down by, %20, and the life-span went down by HALF, then... the price actually WENT UP by %30 yes?

1996 Toyota Celica ZR 2.2 Litre 16V DOCH petrol from UK and Ireland



That's right with 45,000 kms on the clock.

General Comments:

For a 4cy 2.2 it gets to 100 very quickly with a top speed of 210kms from 0-100 in 8.2 sec!!!!!!!!

I drive the Toyota Celica very hard!!!! It is well looked after getting washed 2 times a week and driven well. I take it down to some race tracks and give it a whirl!!!!! BOY does it hold on to that road

My next door neighbour saw the car and went out and bought one for himself. But it was an SX that he bought. Mine is a ZR

And another trick for good performance from your Celica is to run it on Premium Unleaded!!!! Premium Unleaded has a higher Octane in the petrol so it cleans the injectors as it works and gives out more power...

A Great car - with 135 Horsepower and 145 Torque!!!!

And again it is a great reliable car.

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Review Date: 1st February, 1998

16th Apr 2001, 08:01

120,000+ km on the clock and no problems with my ZR. Runs well in Aussie heat and conditions! Never buy anything else...3rd Toyota!!!

16th Aug 2002, 21:50

I recently bought a 1995 ZR, with 98,000 on the clock. It runs and looks superb. I am very happy with the performance and reliability, especially when I go to work at 5.30am and it is only 3 degrees Celsius, and it starts without a problem! (it gets pretty cold in Tasmania)

It's an excellent car and I think I'll hang on to it for some years to come.