18th Aug 2009, 21:13

Besides bending the valves, the oil pressure light makes me think that you may have spun or half spun a bearing on your rotating assembly. I have seen cars have spun bearings and the oil light come on before. The oil isn't low and the pickup isn't clogged; you probably spun a bearing.

22nd Aug 2009, 03:23

VVTli 190 bhp... I have a 2001 car that has a full service history, and runs and looks great, however at the top end of the rev range it seems to lack the usual power band, which comes in around 5500 rpm. Any ideas please?

Thanks, Darren, Birmingham UK.

23rd Aug 2009, 05:02

Hi Darren, I have just bought a Celica 190 as well (actually happens not far from Birmingham) and mine does not rev much over 6000RPM. After looking into it I think it may be the 'lift bolts'. If you do a search on google for lift bolts (Toyota actually call these flange bolts) you will find it is a common fault that they snap.

I also have an engine management light on now, so I may try and fix the bolts myself as well as taking the car to a garage to have it put on the fault code reader.

For anyone else who knows, my car idles very low when I first start it up, it starts and then the revs drop down below 1000rpm and it sounds like it is trying to stall. I had thought it may be a coil pack needs replacing - anyone have any other ideas?

23rd Aug 2009, 18:01

Since my last comment I replaced the lift bolts (they were not broken) and lift worked. However it stopped working after 5 minutes or so, but when I turned off the engine and put it back on it would work again and then stop working. However after a while the engine management light came back on and lift was lost completely again.

I am now thinking that the reason lift came back was due to disconnecting the battery when I changed the lift bolts and that the problem is electrical. An engine diagnostic machine will be my next step.

17th Sep 2009, 17:55

My 2000 Toyota Celica GT has been idling rough for some time now. I can't figure out what is wrong with it. The check engine light has also been on for some time. It has thrown codes for my VVT (bank 1), idle control malfunction, something that sounded like an O2 sensor, and manufacturer control ignition system or misfire. I changed the MAF sensor. The idling used to be every once in awhile, and now it's more often. It doesn't matter if the engine is cold or has been running for sometime. When it's idling from time to time it likes to drop near 0 rpms like it's going to die, then go to about 1,000 rpms, then bounce back and forth and eventually it levels out. I cannot figure out what it is... I don't mind spending money on it as long as it fixes it. Does anyone have any ideas or have had the same problem??

16th Jul 2010, 05:48

At the last comment.

Try changing your battery or alternator. I had an older car before my Celica, and it used to do that all the time because the connections between the battery were crap, and the car just wasn't getting the constant power it needed to stabilise. I was told when I got that fixed that it could have been the battery or alternator.

If you want to be sure, get a diagnostic charge of your battery and alternate... or even the starter chip if you are really worried.

Hope that helps.