25th Jul 2001, 00:17

I appreciate your honesty. I went to the dealer today in Toronto, and they weren't exactly serious in selling me on the car, which I found out soon enough had been out of stock for awhile. I guess that's why I was upsold to a RAV 4! (which I laughed at!). The cheap plastic is an ongoing concern, though you didn't mention the blindspot that everyone hates! Hopefully the 2002 will fix these light problems as well.


24th Aug 2001, 14:28

It sounds to me like you wanted a luxury car instead of a sports car.

The joy of the Celica is in the driving, not in luxury appointments.


27th Aug 2001, 04:13

Hey I'm in Toronto as well and I can't find a 2001 GTS - when will the 2002 be out?

Some of those issues concern me as a new buyer. Is the trim that cheap inside?

What, you can't pop the hatch from the inside? You're joking right?

Some of the items you listed truly suck. I mean even my Nissan Sentra has a NO HORN remote door locks.

What else is out there for that money?

RSX-Type S?? I think that's a little more money.

WRX? That's even more and well it's a 4 door.

That's it for the $30K CND range for sporty cars, and no I don't like the Miata.

2nd Sep 2001, 00:48

You wanted to return the car after 500 miles? Next time just rent.

25th Feb 2002, 22:59

I had a Tercel for one year and I could not believe how they got away with such cheap metal. A car opened it's door into my car and it created a 10" dent... I'm not kidding. And stay away from Atlanta Toyota. They are con artists.

Oh yeah, the Celica shares the same engine as the Corolla. :)

9th Jan 2003, 13:05

Yes, that's right. Next time just rent :-) )

Very unlikely your particular Celica was a lemon. If I look under 2000 Passat - which is a car I love - and see half of the customers dissapointed, I will believe something is going wrong in Wolfsburg. Whereas in your case I think it had more to do with the decision as opposed to what you truly like.

14th Apr 2003, 09:57

Hey, I love the Celica, because you can do a whole lot of different things with it, such as add a body kit, spoiler, and lights. It's a great looking car; I get looks every time I go out, and all the ladies want to ride in it. It's a sports car, not a luxury car, and anybody that does not like the 2000+ Celica, needs their head checked.

9th Aug 2005, 08:04

"That's it for the $30K CND range for sporty cars, and no I don't like the Miata."

Actually, that's depending on if it's new or used.

Used, you can get things in the range of a 92-97 Toyota Supra in the Quebec/British Columbia area. Those are mostly the non-turbo's, but it is possible to find a Twin Turbo model for around $30K. They are super reliable, super fast, and super sporty. Best in its class... atleast in my opinion.