25th Nov 2001, 18:03

With regard to the previous comment, I have a Celica 190 and am pleased to reassure you that the car is at no point `sluggish', and that it leaves most cars at the lights (when they're not racing) without going over 4000rpm.

However, once you reach 6200rpm the engine takes on a whole new character; the engine roar turns to a scream and your neck is snapped-back as you tighten your grip on the wheel. In comparison to this, most cars are sluggish.

5th Apr 2004, 14:47

I own a GT-S since 2000. The best thing about this car is its handling and lateral acceleration. On curvy roads, I leave many cars far behind me.

31st Aug 2004, 07:58

I have owned my Celica 190 now for just over a year it is a 2000 registered car which I purchased from Toyota in the UK as a used car. Both the car and the dealer have been fantastic. The car still makes me smile, when you get it above 6200 rev's everything seems to get a lot nearer a lot quicker. Although the most fun is to be had along country roads the car handles the bends so well it begs for more.

The only thing I have found is both my wife and 10 year old daughter seem to get car sick in it quite quickly. I have put this down to the hard ride and the road noise you get.

However it has never effected me so I'm afraid they have to live with it. All in all the car excellent fun.

15th Jul 2006, 19:31

To whomever wants to read this,

I just bought a 2000 Celica GT-S and let me say this, I LOVE the sound the motor makes around 6000-7750rpm. The handling of this car is excellent, but the ride isn't the best if your on one of those "special" roads. The shifting however is a something I will argue over. It has an aftermarket B&M short shifter and it can be a S.O.B to get into first and second, but third & fourth are OK, and its the same for fifth and six. Few problems with those gears, but nothing like the first two. At times it is fine shifting to those two gears. I don't know if its the aftermartket short shift that causes it to be stubborn or if its something to do with the linkage. All-in-all, I love this car. I owned a 93 Celica GT for 5 1/2 years and it was an excellent car. Had problems from time-to-time, but for 12+ years old, what car wouldn't.

18th Nov 2009, 03:08

I'm from New Zealand and I picked up a 2000 Celica GTS for $7000 and 100000 kms on the clock..

Both inside and out are mint. I got a bargain as these cars are still selling for around 9-10k NZ..

The motors mint. I brought it with the intent to on sell it and make a few dollars but after driving her a few months. I've become attached to it and wouldn't and couldn't sell her even if I was offered 10k..

This puppy puts a smile on my face every time I drive her. Don't know why, but when I take off from the lights and look in my rear vision mirror, the cars behind me seem to be left in the far off distance..

I find she starts to purrrr around 5000 rpm, but as has been said, when she hits 6000rpm and above, this puppy becomes a roaring rock wheeler...

I love this car more than any I've owned, and I've owned some way higher spec cars than this in my time..

I see many years of happy motoring ahead.

8th Mar 2010, 01:46

I purchased a New Zealand new 2001 GTS recently after admiring them from afar for a year or two. The styling grabbed me and I did not really consider anything else: silly me. This one has every option except the sunroof! It handles like a four wheel steer and goes like an Audi TT! I drive the odd Mercedes through work and I prefer my CELICA any day. It is smooth, comfortable and ridiculously fast for an 1800, if you are prepared to explore the upper revs. The speedo nearly got me though. Where one might expect to see 100kmh I soon discovered sits 180! Oops! It has to be one of the best looking cars ever built, and makes an MR2 look like a CYNOS!