3rd Jan 2006, 05:42

I've recently owned a 1992 ST185 GT4, but had to get rid of because the big end bearing went.

According to www.gt4oc.net, the BHP of the ST185 is 201, but the Carlos Sainz & RC etc are around 225.

The ST185 are getting old and have been said to have lost power; it depends on the condition of the engine.

Regarding the 0-60, the common figures are 7.6 seconds like you said, though it's a lot closer to 7 seconds flat, maybe a tad under (6.8, 6.9), standard - again.. depends on condition and modifications. Not forgetting they are Very Heavy, the bonnet is very heavy and the boot etc.

Mine was about 6.3 seconds with a Mongoose cat-back exhaust and Pipercross induction kit.

If you get a good normal ST185 with service history etc, it should give you a healthy 190bhp with a 0-60 around 7 seconds. Though do check out www.gt4oc.net, an excellent site with lots of information, and experienced members to answer any of your questions before you buy one.

23rd Mar 2006, 10:14

I have just seen for sale a celica gt4a. I've never heard of a gt4a?

23rd Mar 2006, 14:38

Not sure, but it probably means GT (for the car), 4 (for all wheel drive) and A (automatic).

24th Mar 2006, 12:30

Did they do a gt4 auto?

24th Dec 2006, 03:17

To provide some clarification (I'm a former GT-Four owner; sold my ST165 recently and am saving for an ST185), the GT-Four A models are a Japanese version of the car. They had the regular air/air intercooled 3SGTE engine rather than the air/water intercooled RC/CS models. They were the widebody version of the car, and featured a decent list of options like power windows and A/C. These cars are pretty much identical in options and specifications to the USDM turbo-Alltrac or Canadian Turbo-4WD cars. Due to Canada's importation laws being a bit saner than here in the US, early JDM ST185s are now available for importation there. If you're in Canada, have some money to spend, and want a GT-Four, the Japanese cars typically have very low kms. Just get a GT-Four A or GT-Four RC model if you want the luxury touches that come with the Alltracs.

A good, free forum to learn about these cars is Alltrac.net. The people there had helped me out through three years of owning my ST165, and their collective knowledge on those cars is extremely amazing.

22nd May 2008, 21:51

Yeah, I drive a GT4 RC. I've heard they're in the low 6's like 6.3 or something. Also I had a go at my friend's WRX; I was with him the whole time, so pretty much even! I was proud. My 91 RC gave his 02 WRX a wicked challenge. Turbo spools up a bit slow though LOL. It's awesome though, wicked all rounder car!

3rd Feb 2009, 07:29

Same fuel consumption if you drive it easily or normally? If you drive the car with great care and very slowly, the fuel will go into the engine very slowly, if you give it stick then it's going to use more petrol. If the car goes faster when you put your foot down, it's because more fuel is going into the engine, why would Toyota make an engine that used the same amount of fuel no matter how you drive it? Forget LPG and hydrogen and electric cars, use a Celica engine, because it uses the same amount of fuel no matter how you drive it, more speed from no more fuel, that's incredible.

Even if it did burn the same amount of fuel at lower speeds, you would have more torque because the extra fuel in the pistons, or you would have loads of smoke or backfire from unburnt fuel.

20th Mar 2009, 14:39

The car in fact DOES use the same amount of fuel regardless of the driving speed. This comes from experience, a full tank driven up to 100 km/h and revved up to 4500-5000 rpm, average consumption 18.2 L/100km, another full tank driven 60-180 km/h and revved up to 7000 rpm and more, average consumption 18.6 L/100km.

11th Sep 2010, 10:52

0-60 on my GT four RC was measured at 6.8s using a Beltronics g-meter accelerometer on 17-7in Falken tires. The only mod at the time was an act 6 puck carbon Kevlar clutch. It had a bit of wheelspin on takeoff as well due to there being a small amount of gravel on the unused road I was doing my testing on.