9th Apr 2006, 18:11

My Celica now has 116k on it. It has been trouble free, although I replaced the timing belt at 110k.

I recently took a trip to Charlotte, N.C. The first part involved driving 55/60 mph on Rt.58 for 128 miles. MPG was 39.5. On I-85 with speeds of 70/75, MPG was 31.5. This was with windows up.

A week later after the trip, the OEM radiator gave up the ghost. Advance Auto supplied me with a new aluminum one day later. Price: $261.00 w/tax. And the beat goes on...

28th Jan 2009, 21:11

I own a '91 Celica GT convertible with just over 200,000 miles and it runs great. I just love the car.

16th Apr 2009, 08:51

I have a 1991 Toyota Celica that's been in my family (father, brother, myself) the entire time. The fuel economy isn't what it used to be, but the car is amazing. It's needed fewer than $2,000 in repairs over the past six years that I've had it and it's completely reliable. Just FYI, for anyone thinking about getting a Celica - I'm not sure if it's just this car, or the year, or what, but it's an incredible car.

17th Aug 2009, 18:12

I'm the author of the original review & the Apr. 06 comment. Figure I'd do a follow up review.

The car still running same as ever. 149K miles. Original clutch, water pump, spark plug wires. Replace plugs every 30k. & cap & rotor every 60k.

Cruise control has long stopped working & same with the tach. The convertible top is still hanging in there after my 6 years of ownership. I did replace (myself) the rear plastic window.

16th Oct 2009, 17:14

I just bought a 1 owner 1991 Toyota Celica GT Convertible with 178k for $500. Engine has some tapping in it (unresolved yet - not upper valves). Replaced high pressure power steering hose. Interior in great condition. The top has maybe another 6 months till death. Any idea how hard replacing it would be?

12th Dec 2009, 14:20

Farewell faithful friend. On 22 Nov. I clipped a telephone pole with my Celica. Airbag deployment, cracked windshield, smashed right frt. fender along with broken frt. wheel.

Who knows what else was bent in that area. Since I had only liability insurance, no sense in fixing it. Too old. To the scrapyard it went. It barely had 150k on the engine (orig. author of this review).

15th Oct 2010, 13:49

Wow, I feel like I did a great buy after reading all these comments. I have a white convertible 5spd 91 Celica, 156,000 miles on it. I bought the car for $800 flat. I did have to buy three sensors for it, spent around $400 on that. As of now, I also need to buy a plastic rear window.