12th Aug 2006, 03:15

I agree with the above commenter. The ST165, while being an older high-performance car, is extremely rare. Please keep that in mind. GT-Fours (or Alltracs in my neck of the woods) reward the mechanically inclined and enthusiastic. I love mine, hands down. As far as it breaking down, either fix the problems or sell it to someone else willing to take on the work... with only 10,037 made, these cars need to be preserved.

16th Jan 2007, 04:03

Although you have every right to be unhappy about your GT4. You have to keep in mind that it is a 19 year old car.

From what you have written, it seems to me, that you do not know the basic principles of aging in machinery. People who buy older cars, such as this one, are enthusiasts, and being an enthusiast, you will more often then not, buy a car which does not run perfectly. As an enthusiast, these problems would and should not deter you from spending the money, to restore the car to it's former glory. So from my perspective, reading what you wrote, your mechanical knowlege of this car was not thurough and you had put your expectations much too high, for a car of such age.

12th Mar 2009, 18:50

I own a 1988 GT4, and yes, I agree totally that the car isn't something you buy expecting it to just go on and on forever. They are very old, and more often than not have been flogged by previous owners over the past 20 years, and then sold when the damage is done and needs fixing.

It is a very old car. Performance cars age quickly like dogs, because once the turbo says "come on, let's go" it's usually what people do, rev the guts out of them and go. The way the car looks and the price attracts young young people who don't have the experience to fix her up. I have replaced the engine with one from a 205, but the major work that is needed for the suspension really lets the car down.