2008 Toyota Corolla D4D Advanced 2.0L turbo diesel from South Africa


Excellent value for money. This car definitely meets the average motorist's needs


Only changed the headlight bulbs.

The clutch on the diesels I was told is hard, and is the norm with these cars.

There was also a noise from the gearbox when you release the clutch pedal; it was diagnosed as a pilot bearing. The dealer was very accommodating, and changed the bearings in the gearbox, and fitted in a new clutch and dual mass flywheel. It's still a little hard, especially when in traffic, but I was told this is normal because it's a diesel.

General Comments:

It's my first diesel, it's a Corolla D4D, and I'm enjoying it. I like the power band when the turbo kicks in from 1800 RPM, and before you know it, you must worry about the speed traps. You can cruise at 160kms with this car and not even feel it.

This car is very spacious and comfortable for both the driver and passengers, and it has all the interior bells and whistles, leather seats, speedo, and a nice sound system. It's a luxury sedan with good performance and excellent fuel consumption.

The handling is pretty decent with the 205/55/16 tyres as standard. The braking is good as well (EBD).

The fuel consumption is brilliant; on the open road (highway) you can average 6.0L/100k.

I did a trip where I had to travel 1100km to my destination, and I managed 1050km on a full tank. I think I would have got more if there weren't so many hills and curvy roads.

Very pleased, and I think Toyota did well with this one, especially now with the high fuel prices.

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Review Date: 19th November, 2012

2008 Toyota Corolla LE 1.8L from North America


Excellent, efficient compact sedan with some luxury features


No problems since purchase.

General Comments:

Efficient, comfortable, classy small sedan.

Quiet interior with lots of amenities.

Quick, powerful engine.

Stable, comfortable ride.

I've recently purchased this car after shopping for an efficient used commuter vehicle, and am very impressed. I'm still regularly surprised at how quick the car is. I cannot imagine needing any more power from a commuter vehicle.

It rides firmly but comfortably, and corners well. I'm very impressed with the quietness of the interior. I've recently driven larger, more expensive vehicles with more road noise than this car. Gas mileage is good, as I'm averaging 28 city and 35 highway.

The JBS stereo lacks an AUX input, but has a 6-disc CD changer and sounds very good.

Interior build quality is very high. Great seat fabric and soft touch surfaces. Switches have a quality feel, and I love the high class dash lighting.

A telescoping wheel would make for a more comfortable driving position, but I've adapted.

The car has several safety options that have since become standard on the newer models, such as side curtain airbags, traction control, stability control and anti-lock brakes.

I test drove this car as well as a 2012 Honda Civic, and chose this car for its excellent seating position (high and easy to see out), its quieter ride, more upscale interior, quicker acceleration, and lower price.

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Review Date: 10th October, 2012

11th Oct 2012, 12:51

I believe the Corolla to be an excellent choice for a nice, comfortable, reliable & economical car. It makes for a great little commuter car, and they are certainly built to last.

I never considered them very luxurious nor powerful however, but that would not stop me from owning one.

Back in the day I owned the GEO equivalent (the Prizm) with a manual transmission, and even though it was equipped with the "inconvenience package" (manual locks & roll up windows on a 4 door sedan), it did have ice-cold AC and a nice stereo (which kept me happy).

It was a fantastic little car that I used to commute into Boston with every day (while I saved my new Wrangler Sahara for "top down days"). In fact had an 18 wheeler not totalled it, who knows, I might still be driving it - it was that nice a little car, and was still going strong at 14 years old.

Again, I think you've made an excellent choice.

Best of luck with it!