2012 Toyota Corolla LE 1.8 from North America


Miles away from the good old days of Toyota


This Corolla veers at medium to high speeds. It's already been twice in shop to be fixed under warranty, and no real improvement.

The paint is horrible and dealer does not do anything for it; they say I have done something wrong! For sure they charged me to do a wax job, and it made it look good for a few weeks (I guess I'll use the trick when I put it up for sale in the summer).

The car squeaks somewhere under the dash, and behind the rear seats, and for sure the dealer says it's normal! I guess I drove an abnormal Camry, which never made as much sound during 14 years, as this 14-month Corolla is making!

General Comments:

This car is miles away from my Camry 2000. Much lower performance and no comfort at all. I feel pain in my back after 2 hours of driving this car, and do not feel safe above 50mph. The interior is all mickey mouse parts that I'm scared to touch hard. Even when I look at the two cars, I feel that old car was more good-looking.

I made a big mistake letting my Camry go, and will trade this trash for a Mazda 3, Elantra, or best of all, a Subaru Impreza as soon as I've saved enough.

I will say goodbye to Toyota in a few months, unless my Corolla kills me; once I could not control it on the road.

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Review Date: 19th January, 2013

21st Jan 2013, 22:56

Your Corolla sounds just like my 2009 Camry before I traded it under 60,000 miles. Talk about uncomfortable, the seat cushion on mine was worn after 2 years, and the seat belt release button was broke. I also had a paint problem where the clearcoat was peeling off the deck spoiler and front bumper.

You say your car veers? My Camry could never hold an alignment after 3 different shops, including the dealer, couldn't tell me why. I also had an engine tap on the cylinder head.

I'm not one who should make a recommendation on your next purchase, but I now own a brand new Altima, and so far so good. I also had luck with domestic brands such as Mercury and Buick.

Good luck on your next purchase.