7th Dec 2004, 19:44

My dad bought a 1976 corolla, KE-30, sedan. My dad passed away in 2000 and the car belongs to me now. It's been almost 30 years and still working. It's a very simple car and almost do-it-yourself in general terms. Runs 9-10 km / litre of fuel in city traffic.

Toyota Corolla has set a new ways of people think of a car. The car should be simple, robust and efficient. Yet still accommodate convenience for passenger. Some times I think that carb is still a better options than fuel injection systen in terms of fuel efficiency especially in city jam.

My other car, japan made, 2003 with fuel injection has shown annoying performance in fuel efficiency in city traffic.

4th Apr 2005, 03:41

Hello! I own many of these old Corollas. I own two 1977 liftbacks, and three other various models. I also own a '74 celica. I've partially restored one of my '77s and will restore the other once I get home in a year and a half. My father bought one nearly new back in the olden days, and it was parked in my backyard all my life, and I taught myself mechanics by fiddling around with it. I was driving through Evanston, Wyoming, and happened to see a tail lens of a car parked under a massive tree, and I recognized it as coming off my car. We looked at it, and sure, it was the exact model! After several years, we finally got a hold of the owner, and bought it for $50. I put a battery in it, and did a little bit of work, and it started right up. The owner told me that it had been parked there since about 1985, and that he was going to send it to the junker that spring, so I was lucky that I got a hold of him when I did. I love these little cars, and the girls do too! Go Toyota!

16th Jan 2006, 15:24

I owned a 1976 Toyota Corolla SR5 lift-back and "Oh what a feeling!".

My dad blew the head gasket and it sat in the carport for a couple years. When I reached that magical 16th birthday, there was my Christmas present. I didn't know the first thing on how to rebuild the Hemi (2T-C) engine, but was determined to have that thing rolling by summertime.

After 7 mos. hard sweat, blood and grease it was up and running and had a couple of extra goodies to boot. I added a Weber 32/36, Blackjack headers, new struts/shocks and a thicker sway bar. I prepped the body and did some Bondo magic and had Mr. Scheib paint it Charoal grey.

It was a great car to learn basic mechanics on was easy on gas and very inexpensive to maintain. Wish I didn't sell it.