12th Dec 2009, 18:17

Hi I also have 2006 Toyota Corolla CE, check out the bulletin TC015-07, which states there is a defective ECM module covered to 80,000 miles, and your car would will have trouble shifting gears, will feel like the transmission will drop if engine is 1ZZ-FE and is a 2wd engine light will also come on. Sometimes the car will jerk violently.

13th Dec 2009, 12:47

Not repairing defects is something I could definitely fault Toyota for, but not an "odd driving position". This sort of thing should have been apparent in a PROPER test drive. I am a car enthusiast and I can't have a great deal of sympathy for car buyers who take a 5 minute spin around the block at 30mph. When making a major purchase such as a car, you should give it a REAL test drive. You should make several full-throttle take-offs, do several "panic stops" from high speed to test brake performance, throw the car into several sharp turns to check road-holding ability and get the car up to as high a speed (on a suitable road) to test high-speed stability (I normally try to reach at least 100mph IF it can be done SAFELY). For me a test drive seldom lasts less than an hour, and I have brought several vehicles home for an overnight stay (domestic dealerships here allow this, I've never tried it with an import). When I buy a car I KNOW what it can and can't do and how it feels.

7th Sep 2010, 00:02

Our Corolla has the lemon thing too.

It's had a tranny, the real axle looks like it belongs on a radio flyer wagon, the bumpers and quarter panels go in about 4 inches with light pressure, it has a terrible exhaust leak, valve noise, timing chain was replaced, the engine feels like it lacks compression in a cylinder.

It's just not that good.