27th Feb 2001, 05:26

Hi, I am a owner of a Toyota Carina II '87 model and I have experienced the exact same thing! I have gone around trying to find some answers but at the repair shop they said that it doesn't pay to repair this old car. Too bad, and I am thinking of buying a new Toyota, but I will think twice after reading about the same thing with a new car!

7th Jul 2001, 09:28

There is always the occasional piece of junk car for any manufacturer. Your problems do not mean anything about any other Corollas. Toyota are extremely reliable. My sister has a 96 Corolla and has not had one single problem with hers, other than something a mechanic did at Pep Boys. Like the other guy said, the cars you get in Europe are slightly different.

11th Jul 2001, 16:34

Did someone drive your car without your knowledge? I think you have BIG bad luck with that car.

Believe me, you don't get better than a Toyota at the price they are sold.

Try a European car comparable to a Corolla, then you will ear noises, rattles etc.

18th Nov 2003, 23:12

I own a 1998 Toyota Corolla LE myself. She is absolutely perfect. I'm from the USA so I know myself that the USA Corolla was made well. Maybe you're just driving it too fast or possibly screwing up the motor/transmission/etc etc etc by driving it too hard. Or you might have just gotten a lemon.. who knows...

4th Feb 2004, 09:17

I was told that Corolla was one of the best car to buy. But my 1998 Corolla VE has had rattle noise in the engine since

I had it. I had two set of brake shoes. I drive the speed limit and my car still shakes. It started uses oil about 60,000 miles. It uses a quart every 2 weeks. They say they can't find any leak. Paint job started peeling after 2 years. I could just keep going on about how bad this car has been. Do you think that is why they don't make the VE any more???

13th Jul 2004, 16:26

I also have a 98 toyota corolla. It has 125,000 miles and still runs like the day I bought it. I had the same shake in mine and found it to be the rotors. I installed some cross drilled rotors and the shake is gone.

1st Sep 2004, 12:49

Odd, New struts? All Toyota Corolla struts have a standard 100,000 mile warranty that is separate than your standard warranty. You should not have had to pay for new struts. Did you do your homework on this? The deal should have told you, but its in your book also.

16th Jan 2005, 11:58

Have any of you who have the shaking or knocking problem thought of checking out the bearings in the wheels??

15th Aug 2005, 14:25

I have a 1998 Corolla LE and I actually had that problem where it sounded like the car was falling apart. Toyota tried to problem solve and say it was my tranny, however, I brought it to a local shop and they replaced my wheel bearing and the knocking went away.

I hope that helped.

17th Aug 2006, 20:00

Good gravy people... I've got a '96 Corolla 5spd with 178,000 miles on it with no leaks. Finially, I've managed to wear out the original factory struts with this many miles. As far as your cars that are falling apart on you, the biggest cause of car destruction is usually the driver. My friend fried her transmission in a new '04 Civic in only 8k miles. My brother in law trashed his whole brake system and his struts in his new '05 Lancer in only 25k miles. Anyway, good luck, maintenance is your friend.

12th Aug 2007, 11:51

My girlfriend has a 2000 Corolla that has used oil since 70k miles. I talked to a girl last week who had the same car with the same problem - she loved the car otherwise, but finally traded it in. My mechanic tells me that is a common problem with that engine. I have owned two early 90's Corollas with no problems, and the 2003+ models seem to be okay, but I would be wary of the Corollas produced around that time for this reason.

24th Dec 2007, 03:22

Most of his problems come from the Dealership not taking responsibility and repairing problems while under warranty. I've read that this is the single biggest problem Toyota (in the USA and Canada) has. It's a shame, since the USA has so many lemon laws and so many ways to sue the dealership and Toyota, it should have been fairly easy to strongarm them into repairing your car. Sometimes even the best Companies and Factories make a not so good car, and that's why they have warranties.