19th Sep 2007, 10:14

You need an ac recharge.

Your driving a 1.8 liter. Deal with it. It's a Corolla. Not a race car.

You might have a short or something in some wiring. Have it looked at.

7th Oct 2007, 22:05

With 107k, I would expect you to have changed your transmission fluid at least twice. If not, that's why you have no power. Try driving the latest gen Integra with 80k old auto Tranny oil, slowest thing ever... get a stick next time. When you install your head light bulbs, don't TOUCH it at all with your hand, or it will burn very quickly. If you drive on the right side of the road, it will sometimes drift to the right, steering on these cars are very very sensitive, even a 2 psi change will give you a drift. As for brakes, that's all up to the rotors and pads you buy. I've seen stock brakes go 130k, my camry with 120k is still running on stock pads with good amount left.

8th Oct 2007, 17:11

I know you're fairly young by the comments you made. I doubt the car has ever had a tuneup, and first off, it's a Corolla. If you want to play 'Fast and Furious' spend $2000 on the engine modifications that will make it 'fast'. Change your air filter.

As mentioned above, the ac needs recharging. Buy the $3 hose from Autozone and spend another $4 on a can or two or refrigerant. Make sure it's the same kind of freon as what's in your car. Follow the directions on the can.

I seriously doubt the seat belt light malfunction is serious; probably one loose wire somewhere. That's a great car. One of the best ever built. Change your fluids regularly and you'll probably get at least another 200,000 miles out of that car.

13th Oct 2007, 02:35

I have never had any of these problems he talks about either.

I've owned 3 Corollas. The first one I got 300,000 miles out of it and I traded it back in to the dealer. It still ran fine, I just wanted a new one.

The 2nd one was a 1995 and it had about 165,000 miles on it. My wife hit a dump truck HEAD ON!!! I kid you not, she actually totalled the dump truck, and her Corolla unfortunately, but she came out of it with not a scratch!!!

My third Corolla is a 1998 and it still runs great with 172,000 miles on it.. I love my Corollas!!

6th Feb 2009, 06:24

OK, your car is drifting to the right because the road is not perfectly flat. It is beveled to drain rain water away to the gutters.

And as for for the brake pads wearing out a lot, it is probably because of your driving habits. If you brake more, you will use them up faster. I see many people on the streets that speed up and brake way too often.

15th Dec 2011, 03:59

Hmm, sales problems are the issue with the dealer, not the car.

Why do so many people expect small capacity engines coupled with automatic transmissions to perform well? A manual transmission wouldn't have sapped the power, and would have improved your fuel economy.