20th Aug 2005, 20:54

Well it is a small world. I too owned a 1999 Grand Am with way too many problems. In March, I traded it in for a new 2005 Camry LE and in July I got a new 2005 Corolla CE to replace my 1992 Festiva. My parents and in-laws have owned Toyotas for years and I have finally seen what they were talking about. No problems so far... time will tell if I made the right decision to dump the Grand Am and jump in with both feet by getting two Toyotas. For the record, the only reason I got rid of the Festiva was because it was showing it's age and needed too much $$$$ to make road worthy.

24th Aug 2005, 20:58

I purchased a 2005 Corolla CE (std. Trans.) as a low cost commuter car. We felt that Toyota's reputation for quality would make this a wise choice. While I do appreciate the general road performance and fuel efficiency, This car has been plagued by a persistent buzzing/rattle to the right of the radio bezel.

This occurs between 3K-4K RPM, and has been in for service 4 times with no success in eliminating the problem.

I am continuing to work with the dealer to resolve this issue. I have had this car only 8 weeks. This is not what I expected & am very curious if this is a general problem with this model.

JR - Ontario Canada.

4th Sep 2005, 13:56

Regarding the previous post, is this noise you mentioned, from inside the vehicle? meaning interior parts? Or does it sound rather like a drive train problem? I think 3-4krpm is where the VVTI should kick in. How does it shift? I'm very interested in buying one too.

6th Sep 2005, 17:44

With respect to your questions on this model of Corolla, the "buzzing" noise seems to come from the interior of the dash, but is consistent with the engine speed of 3,000 to 3500 RPM.

At this point I am on my 5th visit to service & the dealer continues to provide a rental vehicle- all very troublesome & inconvenient for the dealer & myself.

As far as shifting goes it is fairly "clunky", but direct and easy to go from gear to gear. These cars have the "drive by wire" accelerator - no mechanical linkage from the gas pedal to the engine throttle.

It is overly sensitive in my view & takes some getting used to.

JR - Ontario Canada.

28th Sep 2005, 21:03

There is an engineering fix from Toyota. My dealer Toyota of Temecula finally solved the problem after checking with the engineers at Toyota in Carson, CA. The problem is from the AC vents on the Driver side of the Dash! This has solved my noise problems finally!!!