27th Mar 2006, 16:04

I bought a 2006 Corolla S (I call it maroon, rather than red). I absolutely love this car and I am going to keep it until the wheels fall off :)

27th Mar 2006, 20:35

Jetta's aren't bad when you buy smart. About 1/2 the people on here don't know the first thing about cars. You can't listen to them and their flawed logic.

I bought my 1998 for cheap. Put $300 worth into it in parts (I'm mechanically inclined so no labor costs) and I have a great car with all its usual problems fixed. Overall, I'm very satisfied for it being my first car.

I'd buy an older Toyota later in life if I needed a 2nd car for reliable transportation. They are just too bland and appeals to EVERYONE, which IMO is a bad thing. I like cars that are love/hate ones. However, Toyota reliability isn't all its cracked up to be nowadays, still pretty good, but they are going to follow in the footsteps of the big 3's downfall in the late 90's. What brands will take over after that? I don't know, but it scares me if its korean or chinese as I could not fathom owning one of those cars.

10th Apr 2006, 18:14

Jettas were good cars 20 years ago, but now they are nightmares. I am biased, of course, because I am the proud owner of a 2006 Corolla CE 5-speed. My last Corolla was a 1991 that I bought new, and was still goin' strong at 350,000 km. I sold it for $3000!!!

21st Apr 2006, 16:06

$3,000 for a 1991 Corolla with 350k miles on it? The buyer must've been a massive sheep for you to fleece them quite that much. How many sweaters did you make with all that wool?

28th Jul 2006, 15:37

First of all, Toyota doesn't MAKE red Corollas. We wanted one, but they are not made in red. Just a really ugly maroon.

That's why we bought another brand. Corollas are basically designed (apparently) for older retired people, as they are only offered in really bland and boring colors and only as a 4-door. As for the police pulling over red cars, that is an urban myth. I've driven nothing, but red cars since 1988 and the only time I have been pulled over was when I was driving one of my other cars, which was pale blue.

9th Aug 2006, 19:30

First of all, Corollas are not for old people, I know lots of young people with a 2006 Corollas, and they love them, so rethink it.

22nd Aug 2006, 20:49

Boring? Corolla? DEFINITELY!! Any bland, 4-door car that only comes in "old lady" colors is NOT a very exciting car. Maybe when I'm 80. For now I want something that doesn't have "I'm old" written all over it. Besides, for what Corollas sell for you can get a really nice, sporty car like the Mazda 3, Focus, Cobalt or Mustang. The Corolla is basically a great car for elderly people who can't afford a bigger car.

23rd Aug 2006, 23:13

I saw three corollas or camrys whatever they are. All those fake "sporty" sedans with the lower body kit. All beige in color. It disgusted me greatly to see people settle for such boring appliances.

28th Aug 2006, 10:35

A boring car is still boring no matter how much plastic gook you stick on it. Toyota needs cars that look more sporty and appeal to people under 60.

28th Aug 2006, 22:12

I just bought a midnight blue Corolla S. It is wonderful. I bought a Corolla LE in 1994 and it has 125,000 miles on it. We have owned many different used cars. All the Dodges, Fords, Buicks, and Chevys had problems. The Buick's transmission was dying at 105,000 miles. We also bought a Pontiac Firebird that was basically a paperweight that needed more work than it was worth. Toyota is the best car money can buy. It is the closest thing to perfection on the road. Test drive one and you will see what I mean.

5th Sep 2006, 10:24

Are you serious... a Cobalt, Mustang or Focus??? Sure... go ahead and buy one of those cars... meanwhile us Corolla owners will be passing you up while you sit broke down on the shoulder of the highway, and we will be getting 40MPG all the while. we have a 2006 Corolla S in Black pearl, my grandmother never owned any car with pearl in the paint. Obviously MPG was our motivating factor when we bought this car, but Toyota reliability, quality and resale made it a no-brainer. It's a little under powered even for a 5-speed, BUT we have gotten 41MPG with it and it's a great looking car. In fact, I considered buying a second one in white for myself since my wife drives the black one!!!

9th Sep 2006, 20:24

Although my wife and I are nearing our 60's we like sporty looking cars. We recently looked at the new Corolla and I do have to agree that it was really very boring looking and was not offered in any sporty colors. We also talked with some of our friends who owned Toyotas and they seem to have lots of mechanical problems with them. I think we will go with something made in this country due to our need for something that is reliable. In 40 years of driving I've never had a mechanical problem with any of our Fords, and they are not as overpriced as the Toyotas. We'll probably go with the Mustang. I'd rather have a reliable car that looks sporty and holds up over a less reliable and ugly car that gets 30 mpg. I like reading the comments on this site, as it really does help to get a better idea of how cars actually peform in the real world.

24th Sep 2006, 12:07

Well our 2005 S was totaled in an accident on 9/11/06, rear ended by a 1-ton truck pulling a trailer. This car held up amazingly well and even with my kids in the backseat at the time, only very minor injuries. I did not hesitate to go to my local Toyota dealer and order a 2007 Corolla S to replace it. This time we went with white, had it less than 24 hours now and I know we will only love it more with each passing day. You will pay a little more for a quality Toyota, Nissan or Honda- but you won't find yourself at your dealer weekly with new problems like you would if you buy from the big-3. Besides MOST of the "import" cars we know and love are assembled in the US now anyway. We also own a 1989 Nissan Pathfinder SE, and after owning Nissans and Toyotas for 10 years I will never consider buying anything from the big-3 again. I will pay more in price for a car to know that it will be reliable and last a long time, and that I won't have to give it away when I am done with it, it will have plenty of value and quality left for its next owner.

15th Oct 2006, 22:41

The Corolla is probably a reasonably reliable small car, but what I can't understand is why Toyota builds it only as a dumpy 4-door and only offers it in "granny" colors. I'd opt for a Mazda 3, Ford Focus, Small Chevy or any car that offered a little in the way of sportiness and style. As for "quality and reliability" (whatever THAT is supposed to mean!!), that has no bearing on my buying a car, as I never intend to keep one for more than 100,000 miles and both Ford and GM now offer 100,000 mile warranties. If it's under warranty for 100,000 miles I could care less what happens to it after that.