8th Jun 2001, 21:03

When I acquired mine in 1997 it had 225,000mi on it. Back then I was told not to leave the city in such an old car!!

After 4yrs, trips to SF, NY and Cuba (well only 90 miles north of..) from GA, now the odometer reads 293,000mi.

I did not have any problems except water-pump. Paid itself back to me many many times. It still runs as good as it did; and I am not going to sell it till it drops dead.

23rd Jul 2001, 12:54

I bought my '86 Corolla GTS new. I've put maybe $1500 into it since I bought it: a new head gasket, 2 alternators and wheel rotors.

Any other expenditures have been the usual maintenance things... I wrecked it (a cosmetic total) about 5 years ago, bought it back from the insurance company, pulled the dents out, replaced a few body parts and am trying to drive the wheels off it. It just won't die!...

It's no beauty now with 250K on it, but the (original!) clutch is great, it still scoots, and I still get 29-30mpg highway! It'll be hard to part with it as I still enjoy driving it.

16th Aug 2001, 21:29

My Corolla has not been a typical one - incorrec valves, a carburettor rebuild and new water pump are all problems I had during the first 30k (I bought it new).

Excessive brake pedal travel and electrical problems have arose since then.

All in all I'd certainly buy one again because mine seems to be the exception. It is currently running like a champ with 151k on it. The body is also holding up quiet well with only the driver's side rear fender well showing its age.

26th Nov 2001, 23:38

My dad drives a 86' Corolla, and if you could only see it, you too would be amazed that it is still running. But run it does, and even at 150,000 miles, and probably only 3 oil changes in its life, it shows no signs of quitting. I think any car that can stand the gross negligence and hard stop and go driving of my dad for 15 years is a quality machine.

18th Mar 2004, 06:58

I've had my corolla since 98,Boy I've given it some thrashing. I raced xr2s xr3s golfs16vs and left them standing, with a stage two head and Jr filter it goes like a bullet, I had the clutch and gearbox done. Now at 200k it still got some life left in it, plenty more races and motorway mayhem got 135 mph on a good day. Looking to get it supercharged. unjam London.

1st Apr 2005, 09:51

Wow...what great reviews. I work in a Chevrolet service dept. and this 1986 Corolla comes in with 147k. My Daughter will get her license in 3 weeks. What a perfect marriage of car and kid.

Sounds like she'll be driving this car... If she doesn't like the looks (its in pretty good shape, but she'll think its "too boxy")

I'll be driving it soon. Thanks for the forum...I'm excited

Dad in Louisville.

12th Apr 2005, 05:49

Toyota Corolla 1986...what a little DREAM car. I've had mine for 3 years and am absolutely delighted with its reliability and smooth drive with its seemingly endless ability to start every time... and keep going! GREAT car!!

21st Feb 2006, 07:56

I bought my Toyota Corolla Dx 1987 Model in Nov` 2005. It run, then 217,000 km. I drove it about 13,000kms since.

It is the best car ever.

For your info, Like Maruti is to India Corollas are to Ethiopia.

If somebody e-mail me any service manuals or any documents concerning this car, it is highly appreciated.

Zelealem M.


21st Feb 2006, 14:30

I have a 1987 Toyota Corolla with 188,000 miles on it.

The body and interior are in perfect condition, almost like new.

I bought this car a year ago for just $300. The owner was relocating to another state and sold it to me.

It runs great, but it has electrical problems. It has went through 3 alternators and one new battery in a short time so I parked it for the winter. I plan to get my mechanic to check that problem out. I hope to have it fixed because I like this car. If anyone knows what could be causing this problem please email me at OceanAve10828897@wmconnect.com. Thanks.

26th Mar 2007, 05:13

19:37 The timing belt is something you should have replaced on a Toyota every 60,000-90,000 miles. Your car is PROBABLY all right, but you need to find or buy an owner's manual for your car and learn when and how to have routine maintenance done. The belt snapping can be an expensive problem. The mechanic shouldn't charge you much more than a couple or a few hundred dollars to replace it.

8th Jan 2008, 18:34

I have the opportunity to buy (trade + $) a 1986 corolla with 73k miles on it, but the guy is asking $1000 and its only worth 5-600 at the most plus the valves are tapping or maybe its just crappy gas? I don't know what to do if I should take it or not.