1973 Toyota Corona GT 2.0 from Australia and New Zealand


Ahead of its time, pity about the masses


Initially head gasket problems due to high compression 18RG and small head bolts (12mm) which stripped out. Did top overhaul at 100,000 km with rings and bearings and put it all back together. Did a full Carburettor rebuild on the solex side drafts in 1995 at 240,000 km shafts and venturis.

General Comments:

Incredible high performance sports works sedan, years ahead of its time. I see rave reviews about the 1991 Toyota GT-R, but was driving the same performing car in 1975.

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Review Date: 21st September, 2004

1973 Toyota Corona GT-2000 2.0 Twin Cam petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Years ahead of its time


Headgaskets in early days, fixed by surfacing the head. Carbies rebuilt by Shaun Maloney in 1995. Original P51 Gearbox died at 200000K replaced with W51GT Celica box from the old API at Springvale Vic. Roof lining has fallen down and needs resticking, Doors creak and need lubricating. Sets wore out (velour), Back seat PVC cracked in sun after I lost back windscreen and put in Aussie clear glass. Could not research original blue tinted Japanese clouir.

General Comments:

Factory works sedan imported by AMI in 1973.

Featured in Modern Motor June 1975, with full page lift out colour spread.

Fastest road registered four cylinder Japanese sports sedan in its day over 200 kph.

Restored in 1992 and used on the road up to 1995.

Garaged since 1995 not used.

Original plates and paint (purple).

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Review Date: 12th September, 2002

22nd Jul 2004, 04:57

The Celica GT2000 (RA25) with the 18RG engine, P51 gearbox and F-series LSD was faster and came out in 1973. So, I challenge the comment about this car being the fastest road registered Jap sports car at the time.

29th Jul 2006, 04:37

3.9 diff and 14 inch wheels compared with 13 inch and 4.11, the RA25GT which I have driven was slower.