1975 Toyota Corona 2000 Mark II 2.0 petrol from Norway


A big luxurious car for its time - brilliant!


Rust hole in driver's side floor, accelerator pedal broke loose from floor.

Ignition lock failed twice (1991 and 2007)

Device to return turn light handle after a right turn broken, have to return handle manually (not after left turns though)

Engine overhauled at 200.000 km.

Fasten Seat Belt lamp and Brake lamp + various instrument lights have all gone.

Driver's seat lightly worn.

General Comments:

The car is big, broad and steady. Handles very well.

Powerful, freshly overhauled 18R-C engine with 100 DIN hp, with only 10.000 km after the overhaul + a very nice 5-speed gearbox, making it a dream on the highways.

Large cabin, enough leg space for even backseat passengers.

The car must be looked after, because corrosion can knock them out. I had to weld a hole in the floor at the driver side + do some body work on it.

Apart from this, nothing has ever gone wrong with it. No blown wiper engines, light bulbs, gaskets or anything. Reliable (apart from the darn ignition lock).

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Review Date: 19th December, 2007