1982 Toyota Corona ST140 1.8L SOCH CARB from Australia and New Zealand


Fantastic cruiser!


The only thing that went wrong with this car was the fact that I ran the tires so bald that one blew out and caused a crash (my idiotic fault I know!)

Other than that, nothing went wrong apart from a brake light going out, and the heating not working so good.

General Comments:

Anyway, it was a fantastic cheap to run reliable Toyota, although the brown interior is a bit scary. In fact I have just this week brought an almost identical Corona with a 2.0 engine, and it's a manual! I am hoping it will prove as reliable as my previous one. They are becoming hard to find nowadays, so I will be taking good care of it and investing decent money into it.

Toyota's are the way to go. I love trying different 70's and 80's models. This current Corona will be my 7th Toyota in 2 years.

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Review Date: 13th February, 2008

10th Aug 2010, 10:25

Hi, I have a Corona ST140 1983 and wanted to know how many of them are still alive in Australia and overseas. How do I get this info?