1988 Toyota Corona CD 1.6L from Malaysia


Good value, good performance, good reliability


The door hinges of the door at the driver's side came loose. They were replaced for RM50.

The air-con broke down once (I guess due to old age) and was repaired within an afternoon. Other than that, the car works just fine.

General Comments:

I just bought this car a few years back year. I came across it by sheer luck, and I was astounded by the condition it was in. There was no rust on it anywhere, the engine is excellent, and the car was well cared for, although it had almost 200000 km on it. I ditched my idea of buying a new car after test driving this car.

This car has caused me no mechanical worries. Other than the earlier air conditioning problem, I have had no problems with this car. I would certainly buy another Toyota - they hold their value and are exceptionally reliable.

A very practical car. I don't think anyone can go wrong with one of these cars. Based on reliability and performance, it is definitely more worthwhile than an equivalent Nissan, Honda or Proton.

Very stable on the road. Hugs to the road beautifully. Speed doesn't affect the stability. I wouldn't worry about it if I went on a long road trip.

It has very good fuel economy, good horsepower and suspensions. Getting more than 500KM in one full tank when traveling in city areas. And more distance when I travel on highways during holidays. For the price I paid, the car is a very good bargain.

Overall it's a very good car. I like the good blend of reliability, performance and practicality.

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Review Date: 18th March, 2004

1988 Toyota Corona CD from Singapore


A solid family car for a person on a budget


We have done purely maintenance to the car. Replacement of the timing belt and is the only thing outside of normal maintenance (engine oil, tires and batteries) that we have done to the car.

General Comments:

I have owned this car for 11 years now and the reliability is brilliant, the only time it hasn't started was because of a dead battery.

The manual transmission is a joy - the car is surprisingly powerful on the expressway and smooth when making turns.

Good fuel efficiency, a Toyota trademark. I tanked the car once in 3 weeks.

The cabin space is spacious compared to other 1.6L cars. The driver's seat is very comfortable and provides a nice view of the road. The boot is huge and the legroom for the rear passengers is very good.

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Review Date: 1st March, 2004

6th Feb 2005, 21:16

YES! Totally agree with you.

I also drive a April 1989 1.6L Corona CD Auto. Great car for the family as it's spacious & comfortable.

Maintenance costs are low with just the normal servicing & replacements done. Can get about 13km/lit on average with 97 RON petrol.

My mileage is already just past 350,000km, but the car still runs great.

I'm now just about to change my suspension & steering bushings together with the shock absorbers at one go. Then to do a computerized 4 wheel alignment.

Parts will be getting a little hard to get as this model ages, so got to be careful of that.

I heard this is one of the best mid range Toyota's ever made. Trying to keep it as long as possible.