1991 Toyota Corona GLXi 2.0 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


An ideal car for those requiring plenty of space and reliable motoring


The fuel gauge is not working properly - the light does not flash when the fuel is low, but flickers randomly. The car does about 450 - 500km to each full tank, but when the gauge says half full the car has already travelled around 350km.

The transmission is very smooth however, the auto is far too eager to change into top gear. This is a pain on country roads when accelerating from a standstill, as the car easily bogs down. To make matters worse the transmission is also extremely reluctant to kick-down and normally requires either the over-drive button switched off or manual gear selection via the lever.

Many rattles inside the car - extremely annoying when driving.

The ride is generally very bouncy and creaky, nothing a decent set of shocks would fix.

The brakes on this car are plain shocking - extremely hard and little stopping power, and this isn't a disk problem as they are in good condition.

Most of these problems are only minor and generally the car is in fine working order for its age.

General Comments:

The interior in this car is very well appointed and luxurious for an old clunker. I am very impressed with the specification levels of this car which includes A/C and full electrics. The seats are fantastic - very comfy and the upholstery looks great!

While the suspension, as previously mentioned is a bit soft, is very absorbent and the ride is excellent around town. The steering is direct and responsive making parking a breeze, it's just a shame that the suspension isn't a bit firmer to match the great steering in the corners.

The engine has plenty of grunt, however it's let down by a lazy transmission. Coming out of slow corners the thing just slots straight into top gear making it bog down - incredibly annoying. However, by holding the gears manually the Corona produces a very satisfying turn-of-speed, particularly between 4000-6000rpm. At 100kp/h the Corona is revving at a very low 2600rpm, making open road traveling very comfortable.

This car is an ideal shopping basket with HEAPS of space and split-fold seats. Rear seat room is excellent.

This car is a great all-rounder.

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Review Date: 31st January, 2005

1st Apr 2005, 21:28

The kickdown cable sounds as if it needs to be adjusted so that the car will kick down faster when coming out of a curve. The kickdown cable is one of the cables connected to the throttle body. One is the cable to the floor pedal and the other is the kickdown. By making the cable tighter it will kick down sooner rather then slogging away in top gear. Good luck.