1977 Toyota Cressida from Australia and New Zealand


Fun, old style car, luxury for it's time


Gearbox grinding (original) and replaced.

Rubber trim on lower doors started to peel.

Dashboard cracked.

Electronic anti-rust inhibitor finally failed and affected other electricals.

Carpet pulling from under door trim and faded +++

Air conditioner condenser finally failed : (

General Comments:

For it's age this car was in remarkably good nice. The cloth seats were still the creamy colur and texture as original.

The front grille and lights on this car are nice and lots of chrome. Last of the "pretty" cars before they all started looking the same.

I was impressed that a car this age had power steering, air conditioning, cloth seats etc.

I found this car had good fuel economy over the open road, but found it chewed petrol in town. not sure if it's my driving or the car, but things seemed to get worse when leaded changed to Lead Replacement Petrol and this was the reason I traded in.

I enjoyed driving the Cressida around and miss it.

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Review Date: 1st January, 2004

1977 Toyota Cressida 2.6 from Australia and New Zealand


Worth a try


Many head gaskets. One each year.

Radiator. Causing overheating.


Spark plug leads etc.

Interior falls apart.

General Comments:

When running at its best it was a fantastic car. It shows good performance in straight line. However the handling leaves a lot to be desired.

The motor drinks a little, but having the car on gas helps this.

The interior of the car after many years begins to flake and fall apart. The seats tend to do the same.

It is a very solid car and offers good braking.

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Review Date: 28th January, 2001