1982 Toyota Cressida GL 2.0, 21R from Australia and New Zealand




Alternator died at 140,000Ks.

Factory water pump died at 143,000.

General Comments:

Typical 1980's Toyota reliability!

The 3 speed auto is useless for extended open road driving.

It's a luxury tank than handles like a barge with factory suspension.

Way better on gas than my old Audi 100, Subaru Legacy GTB, Mazda 323 etc!

Look for a factory 5 speed model, and consider lowering it n inch or 2 with new shock absorbers; it made a HUGE difference to mine!

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Review Date: 15th October, 2008

1982 Toyota Cressida 5ME from North America


A really good car, problems can be expensive, still good car


Air conditioning leaked out all the R-12

Oil leaked, causing engine to go bad, otherwise it still would've gone another 25k at least.

Glove box door cracked up.

Dashboard began to crack.

Transmission showing wear.

General Comments:

Despite any problems, overall this car is REALLY a good car. I must say that I'd buy another one in a heart beat. A car that even though it's 21 years old, still looks good on the road. Do be aware that if you're in a fender bender, the car crinkles up, but I think that's common today. I had to replace a fender, and they aren't cheap.

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Review Date: 12th May, 2003

1982 Toyota Cressida 2.8L Inline 6 from North America


Solid - rock solid, best car ever built! I love it!


Air conditioning Leaks

Motor blew, my fault.

Transmission acts up on cold day.

General Comments:

Great car!

Sat in yard for five years, while I rebuilt the motor really slowly.

Took it out on the road and it drives more solid than cars built in 1994. Certainly worth keeping. You want to sell me your old Cressida? I'd sure be interested! :-)

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Review Date: 24th April, 2003

13th Apr 2004, 00:26

I own one too! It's a really fun car to drive love it even more in the rain when the back - end breaks loose and you can really have some fun! But if and when the transmission starts slipping a little or you hear a clanking when you come to a stop the problem is easily fixed, most of the time it just needs new transmission fluid. After that it should stop slipping in cold weather.

(P.s. only slide that car around if you know what you're doing or else you'll be out a great car)

16th Dec 2008, 00:28

I've had mine for years! A comfortable car, and has remained that way since I bought it. Has over 210,000 miles on it and keeps strong. Only problem it's had is some minor body damage (my fault of course), the A/C has never worked, and the rear u-joint went out a while ago.

1982 Toyota Cressida LX 2.8L I6 DOHC 5M-GE Automatic from Australia and New Zealand


A jewel in the Toyota crown


Rust throughout on doors proved to be terminal (the car finally failing its road worthiness certificate just short of its 20th birthday)

Quite a 'light' car to drive, but the rear easily spins out during wet weather. Can be difficult to park.

General Comments:

Supurb vehicle to drive, very comfortable. 100% for Toyota design and reliability. Now priced in the very low 'student car' range I'd highly recommend buying one.

The 6 cylinder 5M-GE engine has no difficulty at all getting up to speed and gives new 4 cylinder cars a run for their money. Plenty of spare grunt for overtaking.

Repair costs are average, and spares easy to find in Australia.

Even at 20 years old, all the electric windows, mirrors etc worked perfectly and never jammed even in extremes of weather.

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Review Date: 3rd March, 2003

1982 Toyota Cressida RX60 21R - 2.0 SOHC 8v from Malaysia


CRESSIDA - Power, performance and prestige


Aircond not working because the piping leaks.

Power steering fluid and oil from sump leaks (my fault, didn't change the gaskets)

Rear windscreen heater didn't work.

General Comments:

For a 20 year old car, it is still a great car to drive and the engine felt very eager to be pushed hard. No problems to smoke past newer cars. My car does it with style.

Reliability factor - 5 star!

The steering is light as a feather and sharp too. Very predictable. But as a AT 3-speeder with no overdrive, highway cruising is not as relaxed compared to town driving. Great for hill climbing.

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Review Date: 21st May, 2002