1983 Toyota Cressida 4 door Sedan 6 cylinder from North America


It's an old, unreliable, cashing wasting, headache


Car stalls in idle since day 1.

Car recently back fires randomly and dies.

Car recently stalls and dies while in park or while driving.

Air conditioner/blower went out at 201,000 miles.

Problems are likely due to the car being over 27 years old.

As soon as I repair something, something else goes out.

Invested over $10,000 in car repairs in the past 2 years, paid $2,000 for the car in 2009, & best offer selling price is $300.00 cash.

General Comments:

I have had several problems with this car.

In the past 2 years I have had to replace :

the blower for the A/C, bought 2 new sets of tires, bought a new front axle, bought 2 new batteries, a new radiator, & replaced the motor for my power windows.

Despite all of these repairs, I am still having stalling problems due to fuel filter or EFI.

However, I believe this is due to the car being over 27 years old, and I bought the car as it was going out.

I would buy another Toyota, but a new model.

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Review Date: 8th May, 2011

9th May 2011, 09:05

Your catalytic could be plugged, just take it off and throw in a straight exhaust.

1983 Toyota Cressida from North America


If I was 18 back in 1983, and went to highschool in this car, I would be the most badass kid alive


Leaks oil, big problem with these engines, A/C is bad, drive shaft clunks.

General Comments:

Bought the car at 276,000 miles. Low on oil, leaking oil. Coil was bad. Towed it home and got it running with a new coil I had from a previous Cressida. Fired right up after a new oil change. Drove the car 2400 miles across country, and have put another 20,000 on it, and it's still going. All of the electricals work in the car; power windows, locks. I am a mechanic, this is the best car I have ever owned (have owned 25+ cars). If you take care of your car, it will last you as long as this one. If you find an old Toyota with the 2.8 liter engine, take care of it and it will last you forever.


It was 1 owner vehicle. Owned by an old Chinese man with 5 kids all grown up. He took the car in for weekly checkups up until 200,000 miles, and the head gasket has been replaced once at 115,000 miles.

I've personally beat the crap out of this car, being that I got it for $200 and it's rusty and dented up. It's my beater car. It hauls ass for 1983, but I have the rare 5-speed manual trans and a limited slip differential, it was a Minnesota car, and with snow tires I had no problem driving in 12+ inches of snow; could even make it uphill. Great car, I will never get rid of it.

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Review Date: 23rd April, 2011

24th Apr 2011, 12:27

This is not a common car. Every now and then, I may see one, but its usually from the early 90's. Toyotas were NEVER hugely popular in the 80s here in Michigan, but it seems this model was sold in quite a small number. Of course, our fairly liberal use of salt in Winter guaranteed a short life expectancy for any 80s car.

1983 Toyota Cressida GL 6 cylinder petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Old school luxury, love it


There are many faults due to the previous owners not completely looking after the car; I have recently found that out.

Internal damage to trans (lots of money involved).

Blown head gasket (previous owner had put one in and completely muffed it up, luckily I had help with this one).

Haven't got the engine completely up and running due to the new gasket for e.g. vacuum leak, but found out that it has a very strong engine due to Toyota reliability.

Other simple bits and pieces that are easily fixed and can do them myself; bushes, hoses etc.

Even with these few hiccups, it still starts first time in the morning and still gets me around :)

General Comments:

I love this car, I only wish I had the finances to completely give this car an overhaul. I've seen and heard people who have these cars, and they are in excellent working order.

When I get things fixed up, it will have plenty of power even for an old car.

The interior is in great condition (except for the dash, it's all cracked and sun damaged due to the previous owner).

Why did I buy this car? I love the look, its shape, elegance and reliability, straight body and no rust!!

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Review Date: 16th June, 2010