7th Aug 2003, 09:43

Just bought a 1992 Cressida today. Thanks for all the good comments. Make's me feel like I made the right decision. Only thing is, air's not cold. Hopefully it's just needing freon. But everything still works great. Needs an antenna. This engine is supposed to be same as in Lexus, and is really good.

3rd Feb 2004, 07:32

My wife has a house in the Dominican Republic. Last December 2003 I bought a 1992 Toyota Cressida, because it is cheaper then renting cars for 6 weeks a year. Amazingly for a 12 year old car, everything worked. The antenna, the cruise control, the safety belts, the electrical control of the chair and the airco just needed freon.

I did not know the car, but when I started driving it, I fell in love. It is more fun driving the Cressida then driving my Volvo S60 back home in Brussels.

9th Jul 2004, 21:52

I have Cressida 92 model with R22 engine. After 12 years using it with 550,000+ on the clock it's still OK. Oh by the way I drive about 260km a day with a fast 160km/h to 180km/h and the engine still OK.

8th Feb 2005, 06:54

How is the leather seats mate? I was shopping around for Cressida Grande model, but I found quiet a number of leather seats are broken.

Good car! I just Bought 1991 GLX model.

7th Apr 2010, 00:54

I have a 1992 GRANDE I have had for 10 years. Great car. I have had 2 CROWNS as well, but this car beats them all.

19th May 2010, 02:42

I have one of these, but not the Grande. In perfect condition, but has been in and out of my mechanics workshop since I purchased it. And for some strange reason, I am getting water filling up around the spark plugs. This is not from my cooling system, as I use green coolant and this is clear water. Any answers?

12th Nov 2010, 22:35

I own a Toyota Grande 1991 model, and am very very happy with it! it's a great car! My problem is recently I had a 180,000 klms service done, and now it runs for about 10 minutes, then cuts out when you have your foot on the brakes at the lights. Any ideas? Does it have a cold start injector? Any one out there know?

3rd Dec 2010, 07:51

It will be the fuel pump; just did mine for the same reason. Fixed it right up. Love my Cressida. I give her a hard time, but she never lets me down; regular service, and she always gives 110%.

20th May 2013, 10:45

Hi there, recently, my baby, my deeply-loved Cressida MLXi, had to be very sadly 'put down' so to speak. I couldn't find another one, but bought a Cressida Grande 1992 at an auction. I have a feeling that it might be on a second engine, because it is loud. My mechanic says it is a more powerful engine. I'm just glad to find another Cressida.

So, here is the shocker: At auction, I got it for $800. That's not a typo. Eight hundred dollars & just over 127,000km & a moon-roof.

What was wrong with it? It had a blown head gasket, but was very well-worth having repaired. It was still not only cheaper than buying one without any problems. I KNOW that since the gasket is now brand new, this luxury car will last a long, long time.

For me, being on a pension, I believe I have struck gold in this buy. Cressida's are the ONLY car worth owning, & I am shocked that their production was stopped.

14th Jul 2013, 05:10

Hi good people, I was so inwardly boosted by your positive comments. I was just doing my research, since I'm intending to buy one of these machines.

I owned an Opel Astra 2005 model, which I had to do an engine overhaul on at only at 149 000 km, yet my Daddy's 1991 2.8 GLI Cressida was still going with no problem. It has a very strong body; last spring season, it hailed hard in South Africa's Johannesburg area, and my soft body Astra was finished, yet my Daddy's Cressida was without a dent, though both cars were parking outside.

Thank you people, you have made me proud.