1999 Toyota ECHO 10 Series 1.3 from Australia and New Zealand


Most practical car I have ever owned


Absolutely nothing has gone wrong; I bought the car and have changed the oil 6 times - that is it.

General Comments:

I wish I could give this car 20/10 for reliability. I get 5L per 100km and I have not had to change a thing mechanically. Suspension, brakes, timing chain; everything works and shows no sign of degradation as of yet.

I am 6ft 3 and I fit comfortably in the upright seating position with headroom (can comfortably seat 4x 6ft5 adults). The backseat slides forward, backward and can be removed completely if needed - it is a small enough looking car that no one will ask you to help them move house; but you can offer to help if you so choose and can fit pretty much any white-good inside with ease. Park anywhere you like - ANYWHERE.

A set of tyres will only set you back around $200 for 4 due to the easiness and availability of the size. Insurance is cheap due to parts availability/compatibility, and registration is cheap due to weight; every single facet of this car is cheap, easy to maintain, durable and will suit anyone looking for a cheap practical car!

10/10, I cannot praise this car enough.

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Review Date: 15th February, 2016

1999 Toyota ECHO from North America


Great on gas, surprisingly roomy, reliable


Two recalls: one for a fluid hose and another to improve rust protection under the car.

General Comments:

The Echo has a tonne of room, not only for passengers, but also for cargo. The trunk is surpisingly large and the back seat fold-down is extremely handy.

The car is supremely good on gas. I drove from Hamilton to Kirkland Lake on one tank.

The car fares less well on gas if it is absolutely full, or if you are using the air conditioning for the whole trip.

The Echo has been particularly reliable, without any major problems other than the two recalls.

The car tends to get caught in the wind, especially if on a tall bridge during high winds. Beware on bridge such as the Burlington Skyway.

I have enjoyed my Echo, the pickup is fine, speed is fine. It's easy to drive and has great vision through the windows and the back.

It is a tad noisy, but has held up well on some particularly long drives (eight hours or more.)

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Review Date: 23rd July, 2006