2000 Toyota ECHO SD from North America


Get rid of the quirks and I would most likely buy it again


With the windows rolled down about 3 inches you can hear noise from the hubcaps. It is very noisy. I have been told by the dealer it is because of how the hubcaps were manufactured.

The front passenger side window rattles when going over a bump or closing the door.

Driver and front passenger side seat belts are very uncomfortable to wear.

The front seats have started to wear badly.

The driver's side carpet is worn badly on the left side. Have floor mats.

Radio has been replaced because the radio could not stay on.

Directional signal causes intermittent interference with the Toyota radio which started with a Toyota replacement radio.

Speakers have poor sound quality.

Very hard to seat 5 people comfortably due to the hump on the rear floor.

General Comments:

Very good on gas.

The instrument panel is nicely displayed.

The car's visual appeal is great!

Easy to park.

Great commuter car.

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Review Date: 24th November, 2001

25th Nov 2003, 13:18

For the noise from the hub caps, I have a solution since I also have the same type of car, and dealt with the same problem. take the hub cap off that makes the noise, and put it back on, but when you do, make sure the area on the hub cap that goes for the valve stem is exactly in the middle of the hubs place for it. It will stop the noise. I honestly don't know why it makes that noise, but when I did this, the noise was gone. Hope this helps.

2000 Toyota ECHO VVT-i 1.3 from Australia and New Zealand


Very noisy


After 3 months the engine overheated because the service technician hadn't put the radiator cap on properly.

At 19,000km the park brake locked on and they found rust in the brake drum.

The entire car rattles and every time I've had it fixed, it's okay for a few days and then it gets worse.

General Comments:

I feel like I've got the bad car in the batch. I am really disappointed with it. I'm so disappointed, I've sold it!

I would appreciate other comments from Echo owners as I would like to know if it was just my car.

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Review Date: 15th August, 2001

12th Oct 2001, 12:50


I do not think it was your car, I have a feeling it's the dealership you went to. It sounds like you got ripped off by the dealer. Why would the radiator cap be misplaced, unless someone had tampered with it. I have recently purchased a Toyota ECHO, and so far no problems at all, the dealers were good, and they made sure that everything was inspected before going out of that lot. So, I have a feeling it was not the car that ripped you off... it's the car dealer.