1985 Toyota Hi-lux 1 ton tray, 2x4 2.0L Toyota 3Y 4 cylinder from Australia and New Zealand


The HiLux is 31 years old, 920,000km on the clock and still going, a credit to Toyota!


Carburettor required a rebuild and replacement in 2003 and 2009.

Alternator replaced twice, 2002 and 2012.

Starter replaced once in 1999.

Diff centre replaced (broken tooth on crown wheel) in 1998.

Factory radio stopped working in 2014.

Rebuilt rear drum brakes in 2006.

Engine replacement (3Y) 2008.

Vent controls seized when the vehicle was purchased in 1998.

Heater box unit started leaking in 2013.

Rust in floor (easily repaired).

Rust in fly wall near bonnet hinges (not so easy repair).

General Comments:

My father bought the ute from a courier in 1998 and I took possession of the ute in 2009. From the time my father purchased the car, I serviced it and assisted in all repairs.

This car has always been used as the backup vehicle for my family; it has gotten me and my father out of a jam many times.

We also use it regularly to move garden waste and general rubbish.

The 3Y engine isn’t overly powerful and not great on fuel, but it will get you there.

I have carried many heavy loads in the Hilux. The 3Y engine does feel the load when you’re driving and doesn’t get you there in a hurry, but it will get you there (worst case; you have to drop back to 1st or 2nd to get up a steep hill, if you don’t get a run-up).

Parts are easy to acquire and cheap.

Servicing is easy and everything is easily accessible.

I have installed under tray tool boxes, secure placements for ramps and a wheelie trolley, as well as a 1 ton crane.

This ute just keeps coming back for more punishment.

It’s now 31 years old, 920,000km on the clock and still going, a credit to Toyota!

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Review Date: 24th April, 2016

25th Apr 2016, 21:40

The radio failed!!! Japanese rubbish - I'd have got rid then before the gremlins set in... LOL!!

Only joking mate - hope you get to the million mark in the old bruiser - sounds more like an old friend than a truck.