1993 Toyota Hi-lux Surf SSRX 3.0 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Awesome 4x4



General Comments:

These 4x4s are very overlooked in the UK.

They are a fantastic 4x4, very nice to drive, and of course, being a Hilux, very reliable. This is my second one now and I will be keeping this for many years to come. The 2.4 diesel can be bad for the cylinder heads going, but I have never had a problem with either of my 3.0 engines.

Pretty good on diesel as well very comfortable to drive, and plenty powerful as well.

With the rear seats down, it's very big, like a van, and you can get plenty inside. I have never got stuck in my Hilux Surf; I would trust it to go almost anywhere. If you service them and look after them, they will last you a lifetime.

I have had many different manufacturers and types of car, but the Hilux Surf, you just grow to love it.

Awesome 4x4 that will go anywhere and always puts a smile on my face when driving it.

Yes I love my Hilux Surf!

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Review Date: 24th April, 2017

1993 Toyota Hi-lux Surf SSR G 2.4TD from UK and Ireland


Everything that Land Rover wishes it could be!


Passenger seat bolsters are wearing. Not a manufacture or quality fault, just due to a my passengers sliding in and out.

General Comments:

This is only the second car I've owned and the first thing that strikes me is the size. Its massive inside and out, great for holidays and carting rubbish to the tip.

Inside It has a high quality feel to it, Recaro seats, twin DIN CD and cassette radio and positive feeling switches, with more electrics than you can shake a stick at (windows, sunroof, aerial, rear window, mirrors)

If you take this car out in the dry it's a great drive and handles like a car with soft suspension. Take it out in the wet and beware. With the large tires and no weight over the rear end it slides like on ice.

I have had the car over a year now and am the first UK owner. Regular oil changes keep the car running smooth and once warmed up it just goes and goes. Fuel is no big wow at 25ish to the gallon though, (the Volvo did 45).

For of car of this age it is in great condition no rust or damage. In an attempt to keep it that way all of the arches got pressure washed and undersealed and just before we salt the roads it undergoes a full under-body wax oil.

Although the car rarely sees real off road use it does get put in the odd field and just bounces through them, use the choice of 4wd and the low in the auto box and it will creep along.

My only gripe is that in the UK there are no glaciers to take the car on. If money were no object I'd take the car as it is and have every faith it would take me anywhere I wanted to go.

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Review Date: 24th December, 2004

7th Mar 2005, 06:08

G Day Steve I have a 93 Surf I live in Perth Australia. You will not find a better car than this one, I surf a lot and travel 100-200 km a weekend looking for surf. I do a lot of off road driving from sand & beach work to a bit of rock climbing. I have just finished doing a trip of 1300km in 4 1/2 days of bush bashing and only used 150lts of diesel.

20th Jun 2005, 19:43

If only we had the price of fuel that you have in australia.

1993 Toyota Hi-lux Surf SSR-X 2.5 TD from UK and Ireland


100% reliable.

General Comments:

Second-hand Japanese import, sold in U.K. as the 4Runner.

Only did about 9,000 miles in this, not even a bulb blew in this time.

Excellent looking machine, well specified.

Great pulling power.

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Review Date: 15th February, 2001

6th Jan 2005, 04:30

Why not a smile then?