19th Jul 2009, 17:03

Bought my 92 Surf privately 4 years ago with 90000 ks on the clock, it was a japanese import from 2002.

The guy I bought from had looked after the bodywork with waxoil, so no rust on the body! All the bumpers on it were rusted through! The exhaust was shot and timing belt shagged as well as brakes all round and batteries stuffed! Suppose the consolation was it had new tyres!

Anyway, fixed all the problems at a cost of about 1000 euros. Now has 200000 ks on her and running strong as an ox. Have her serviced every year and very little consumables replaced, it just goes and goes and goes!

All the electrics - windows, central locking work fine 4 wheel drive kicks in no hassle - has got me outta some real deep mud in the past! Turbo is sweet when it kicks in; she surges forward, and I hit 160 ks an hour one day just to see what kinda powerplant was under the bonnet; not bad for a big old workhorse!

I've loaded it heavy, and heavy towed all in one go, no hassle at all, pulling and handling, driven through deep ravines half up the door. It's a fantastic vehicle if ya look after it, it will look after you no matter what ya throw at it!

15th Aug 2009, 05:48

I have a 1992 Toyota Hi Lux Surf. My friend has one exactly the same. He used his key on mine and it opened and started it. Is this normal? Should this happen?

27th Jan 2011, 09:26

I have a 92 170.000 kms Surf, and it's not good to be honest. The 2.4 TD lacks power, it's extremely bad on diesel at about 18mpg, the auto box can't decide what gear it wants, and the electrics have a mind of their own; they seem to not like working when it's damp or misty (gives me 1 gear and puts the engine on get you home mode).

Towing is fine down hill, but forget up hill.

Off road is a pain in auto hi. The turbo is too fierce, and it's not really controllable in low range, it lacks ground clearance.

I think if you got the money to buy one, take up smoking or burn your money, or even better, buy a Land Rover Freelander; it's nearly as good as the Surf in every way.

26th May 2012, 12:42

I have to agree. I got one only 6 months ago, and I want rid of it already. Firstly, there's the over heating issue on the 2.4 imports. The last few days, the radiator has been hissing like a kettle after only a half hour driving. The auto gear box simply doesn't change gears quick enough. What that leads to, is the engine working too hard, which leads to, yep, over heating. I have never had trouble like it from a motor before, and I have driven some rusty heaps. They look great, but don't get a 2.4. The engine is not big enough. I'll be rid of this heap soon!