27th May 2006, 06:39

I bought a hilux 3.0L D4D last March 2005 in the Philippines and so far the performance has been excellent. It never failed me on off-road tracks. Packaged with a lot of power, very ideal work horse. At speeds approaching 100kph (60mph) the engine becomes more quiet. If I want most vehicles on the road to eat my dust my D4D responds timely. But just like most pick-up trucks ride is a little bumpy on rough roads if I'm not carrying any load. But it is understandable since it's been designed as a work horse. Interiors is fantastic, more of a car-like than a truck. With regards to fuel economy what more can I ask for, 13-14.5km/l (31-34 mpg) for this powerful engine is more than satisfactory.

2nd Sep 2006, 04:39

My wife & I are buying a 2006 Hilux Vigo 4WD double cab auto for when we are on holiday in Chiang Rai, Thailand. The family will have use of it when we are not there. I have been studying the various specifications and decided on the top of the range model with auto in Silver Metalic. All the reviews I've read are positive. Can't wait to get my hands on it. I will fit the roll/nudge bar and other extras when I get there at Christmas time.

3rd Dec 2006, 11:04

I live in Thailand and bought the Hilux 3.0L Turbo Diesel Dual Cab 4X4 (Black) back in January of 2005. So far the only problem I've had has been a couple of slight hiccups with the CD/MP3 player, but it is working fine at the moment. I have had the truck up to 200km/hr on open highway with the air conditioner off, but that appeared to be its limit. This is plenty quick enough for me. I won't be trying that again in a hurry as I was caught in a speed trap a few kilometers further on, fortunately only doing 150km/hr. After a serious talking to from the policeman, I gladly paid my “on the spot” 200 Baht (under the clipboard) fine and was on my way. Thailand's a great place.

I had installed a Top up cover on the back which has helped a lot aerodynamically. The back end isn't quite as slippery if there isn’t a load in the back now. The cover also creates a bit of boot space as there is not much room for storage in the cab if you have a few passengers. This is also quite handy in wet climates like Thailand. The cover can also be raised to carry larger loads, but not higher than the cab roof.

The ABS brakes work fairly good, but take a bit of getting used to. They are definitely not racing brakes. They will pull you up reasonably quickly and still let you have steering, but it will be a jerky ride (grip and release). Sometimes they feel like they won’t stop in time, but so far they have not failed to do the job.

Off road the 4x4 has handled all the conditions put before it, very well. It does get quite bumpy in the back seats without a load though. If you are thinking of getting the 2 wheel drive consider that it will struggle going up slippery slopes as the back end is very light. I have witnessed a Pre-runner (2 wheel drive version) go up a decent sloping concrete road and hit a bit of gravel only to slide straight backwards (with the back wheels spinning), fortunately just missing a tree and a large rock. The 4x4 breezed up the same road in H4.

The air conditioner in mine is only the fan type. If there is ever an option to get the climate controlled air conditioning then go for it. I do have regular problems with the windows and windscreen fogging up and my hands freezing on the steering wheel during long trips. In order for me to change to climate control I will have to install a new CPU which apparently, will cost a bucket load of cash.

These problems have all been minor. Overall I am extremely happy with my purchase and would recommend this model to anybody who wants a great sports truck.

Be warned, it has a lot of power and a light back end. It is very easy to swing the back out on slippery roads or gravel.

31st Jan 2007, 21:24

Hi, I have the gasoline version, yes gasoline, the truck is excellent great 160 hp, just only a problem, the brakes, the truck is very very light, a problem to brake 100 to 40 km/h, I changed the tires, but the problem remain, the truck is too light. Obviusly with 150 kg in the bed the things are different,

9th Feb 2007, 02:51

Hi, got my Hilux in Malaysia in 10/05. Done 48k+ km. No major problems at all. Highly reliable. We only get the 2.5L CDI here in Malaysia, so its not the quickest. Mid-range power is good, pick up from stand still is adequate. I removed one leaf from the rear spring, and this improved the bumpiness. Fitted a K&N which did improve the fuel economy slightly. I'm getting around 12.5km/L in the city and 13.5km/L on the highways at a constant speed of 120kmph. Amazing thing is that after travelling on some bad roads for the past year the cabin is still as silent as it was when new. Great vehicle!