1977 Toyota Hiace LWB 2.0 18R petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Just keeps on going!!!


Timing chain went at 270,000 - replaced the engine with one from a Celica for next to nothing.

Had trouble with the carbie for a while - water pump in 2000 - fuel pump in 1997 - also the fan clutch in 1997 - starter motor's a bit tired now.

General Comments:

This van is amazing. It's been in my family since 1983 when it was driven around Australia over 3 months, and just keeps on going.

The body is now rusting away quite badly, (I live on the coast) but a coat of housepaint every 6 - 12 months keeps the coppers off my back. Wind screen wipers now don't work 'cause the mounts rusted out so it's fine weather only now...

The engine just keeps on going - very reliable - I've taken it across the nullabor myself twice, as well as to the north west of Western Australia several times, and countless times to the South West.

Last week she just purred all the way to Albany (500km one-way) and back. Stopped once to fill up with petrol, and once to fill up with oil!!!

Toyota engines, old and new, just keep on going!!!

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Review Date: 11th January, 2004

31st Jan 2013, 19:58

All good to hear. I live in Ireland, and I'm thinking of making a small investment in a 1982 Hiace camper van with a 2.2L diesel engine, and just looking for a bit of opinion on the engine. Sounds good. Had a Toyota Corolla 2.0L diesel before, and the engine was practically indestructible. Thanks.

25th Aug 2014, 12:35

Hi there. I have the same van and love it. I bought it a year ago and spent 6 months and $4500 on it, but recently it overheated and she just stopped. Was looking to get a new engine prior to this happening, but have been having trouble finding the same one. I love your comment of putting a Celica engine in it, because I hadn't thought about putting an alternate engine in it. Your comment may have just saved me a few bucks and helped get the old girl going again. Thanks :)