1995 Toyota Hiace Super Custom 4WD 3.0L turbo from Australia and New Zealand


A great van with enough oomph to go just about anywhere


The timing belt hadn't been changed, and caught that just in time at 135,000 km just after purchase.

The metal connection between the upper hose and the radiator was leaking and had to be changed.

Apart from that, a rear left window was shattered on a cut section of a tree whilst driving around a corner, which cost a fortune to replace even second hand... imports!?

General Comments:

The van's great. I've always wanted a van like this. Plenty in New Zealand when I was living there, but not as many in Australia. Not sure why, but maybe because of wanting more 4WD clearance, as the Super Custom (non modified) is a little limited. I haven't had too many problems though, and managed some flood water, soft sand beaches and some good sized rocks up in some steep hilly country near here.

Generally very happy, and can fit 7-8 folk or 4 with full camping stuff and no trailer required. Generally runs very well (with the help of a great mechanic with Russian army mechanical background here on the central coast, who seems to like the van a lot).

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 12th April, 2013