2010 Toyota Highlander Limited Hybrid from North America


Chipping paint


I have had issues with the paint chipping on all sides of my Highlander, including the rear, and that is when I went into the dealer to bring the issue to their attention. They took photos, and said that they have never heard of such a thing.

They then opened a file with the warranty department, and they said that they haven't had any other reports of paint issues with the 2010 Highlanders, and that there was no way of ruling out reckless driving on gravel roads. The dealership has told me that the paint issue will not affect me when I trade it in; it will be interesting to see what happens in 2 more years.

General Comments:

Very disappointed that a dealership with people I know and trust, tell me that there hasn't been other issues like this, and there are lots of other Toyota owners with painting chipping problems.

Otherwise, I think the vehicle is great.

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Review Date: 18th June, 2012

2010 Toyota Highlander Limited from North America


Great car, chipping paint at 400 miles, won't buy Toyota again


The paint started chipping on the front of the hood at 400 miles on my 2010 Toyota Highlander Limited (silver color). They look like rock chips. I know anyone can get rock chips, however all the cars I have, a Nissan Altima with 65000 miles and a Chrysler with 90000 miles, have no rock chips or any type of paint damage on their hood.

I was very surprised to find paint chipping on my new car at only 400 miles, and I got more chips around 1000 miles. There is no warranty on rock chips. The dealer said that Toyota started to use water based paints on their cars because of environmental concerns, and that might reduce the resilience of the paint. Suggested to purchase and install 3M clear Bra on the hood. I am very unhappy that I have paid 40000 dollars for a car which already start looking like an older vehicle because of chipping paint, only driving it for 8 weeks (1000 miles). Not even mention the potential rusting problems. This is my first and last Toyota.

General Comments:

My 2010 Toyota Highlander Limited is a good car, easy to drive, roomy and comfortable; even the third row seat is comfortable.

The car handles great.

The fuel economy is not too good 17/23 miles/gallon, but it is a big vehicle.

The only problem is the chipping paint; it is heartbreaking to see my new car with chipping paint on the hood, and not even knowing what to expect. I am terrified that my car will look like an old beat up vehicle in a few months because of the type of paint Toyota is using.

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Review Date: 17th January, 2010

17th Jan 2010, 14:22

I do not own a Highlander, but have a Lexus RX 330. My whole front end is chipping away and it's rusting! For the price and being only 4 years old, I completely agree with how you feel. Body integrity is definitely poor for Toyota.

17th Jan 2010, 16:14

I have a 15 year old Plymouth Neon. It has been driven very hard. Mostly on the rough, back country roads of my hometown. It has seen way more dirt and sand in it's life than any car should. It has the same type of water-based paint your Toyota has (Chrysler used water-based paints on it because they were cheaper.) It has JUST STARTED to get some paint chips. I mean just started. I noticed a chip on my roof yesterday, and some very small chips around the bottoms of my windows. I have no chips anywhere else. I don't think it's necessarily the water-based paint that's the problem. Possibly not enough clearcoat was used on your Toyota. Either way, it is a fairly small problem. If you can find a professional paint shop, have the paint touched up, then have them apply a protective clearoat. That should do the trick.