10th Sep 2006, 21:40

The Highlander is so sluggish and slow that "high speed" driving hardly seems a matter to be concerned with. It has got to be the turtle champ of the SUV crowd.

24th Sep 2006, 16:33

Almost every car will have a drumming noise with the rear windows only open (if ALL windows are open there should not be a problem). I have this problem with my 4-door sedan and it is definitely air resonating inside the car when the back windows are down. I've driven the Highlander and found too many other problems with it that I opted not to buy one. They are terribly under powered, even with the 6, and the ride and handling were way below par. We went with a more solidly built, rear-drive SUV.

18th Nov 2010, 12:51

I've noticed the same problem with the drumming noise. I've had it with a few other SUVs too. I don't think too much of it anymore.

I did have one MAJOR problem with my 2005 Limited. At 75,000 the gears started shifting hard and would buck every once in a while if I wasn't VERY gentle with the gas pedal.

Also, I have noticed the the floor mat almost sticks in a certain position if it has been sitting like that for a while. I am certain that people who shift theirs are the reason why the gas pedals are getting stuck. It almost happened to me! I pressed the gas pedal, it slipped behind the floor mat, and then the mat which doesn't slide held the pedal down. I dropped the car into neutral and then leaned down and pulled the mat back. No issues after. Still, a scary experience.

20th Sep 2011, 12:44

I have the same problem with the drumming noise when the rear windows are down only.

I have found the solution though. I keep them rolled up.

Every car does this.