27th Oct 2005, 03:37

In South Africa you can buy these cars and pay for them in klugerrands.

19th Jan 2006, 01:22

The Transmission on my 2005 Kluger generally runs smooth, but on occasion will suddenly hesitate to change up or seems not to know which gear to select.

Could this be a software problem I ask?

I rang Toyota Australia, they were not interested...

(I wonder if Toyota Japan treat their customers with the same contempt?)

My resolve is; great car, but poor support, next year I will not be interested in Toyota I will by a Honda or Ford.

By the way my wife owns a Volvo C70, which refuses to start one in ten times... Volvo don't want to know... but Volvo users in the UK solved the problem... Volvo still don't want to know...

“Bring in the Lemon Laws Australia”.

7th Jun 2006, 05:53

The Toyota dealer's foreman told me they have a program change that decreases the lag from 1.5 seconds to 0.7 seconds.

They don't do it unless you complain. Just had 20k service and they said nothing. Booked in for the mod which is supposed to make a big improvement.

23rd Oct 2006, 08:38

Owns a brand new 2006 CVX and the 5-sp auto is quite "unique" compared to other auto's that I've driven in the past.

The transmission need at least 3-4 seconds to think before engage to one of the gear. It happens when restart from slowing down (1-2-3 gear range) before speed bump or traffic light. Sudden acceleration occur most of the time (it's like the transmission is disengaged at 3000rpm and suddenly engaged). Apart from the transmission, everything seems to be fine.

Ohh.. one thing, squeak from underneath of the third row seating.

19th Dec 2006, 02:23

My Kluger Grande is a fantastic car in every respect, and lives up to all the advertising blurb except for one minor detail... driving it. It is a pig because of the dreadful transmission. I have spoken to Toyota customer service and the dealership. The dealer is limited in what they can do, as the fault lies entirely with Toyota. I have had all the Toyota fixes done on the car, and only had a minor improvement. Toyota Australia refuse to admit there is a problem or a customer satisfaction issue, yet you only have to read the various reports on the web such as this unfortunate soul to see that Toyota is happy to take your money, but not say thanks in the way of support.


I got fobbed off by being told there's nothing more can be done, and it's my fault because of the way I drive it. C**p!!

They claim that the car was performing within specifications. Well if that is Toyota specifications, I am taking my next $60K new car money to another brand. DO NOT BUY A TOYOTA, especially a KLUGER... be warned...

21st Mar 2007, 23:26

Owned Kluger from new and now done 42k. Generally very happy with vehicle apart from transmission that is unacceptably poor for an otherwise good vehicle without too many faults or omissions - the obvious ones have been identified by others. The transmission 'hesitation' problem identified is not an illusion and has not been improved by the Toyota dealer 'fix', that they won't offer unless asked.

Excellent finish with no other problems, engine brilliant.

Using BF Goodrich All Terrain tyres and plenty of wear currently left although extremely noisy and would not recommend on this vehicle for that reason.

Even though this car is otherwise a fair bit better than a Territory, unless Toyota do something about the above, trade reviewers and buyers will prefer elsewhere.

16th Jun 2007, 17:49

I bought a new CVX in March 2006. Have now covered 27000klm.

Love the car in most respects, but am appalled by the same transmission woes. The lag in down change from 2nd to 1st has nearly caused accidents at roundabouts & inersections several times, and the surge from 1st to 2nd causes great passenger discomfort (and driver embarrassment!).

Similarly to others here, Toyota don't want to know & state my car is 'operating within normal parameters'. I hate this feature so much that I, too, have considered trading out after only 1 year.

Someone above commented about a squeak from the 3rd row. Our similar squeak is the cargo blind. Remove it & remove the noise.

Also, tyre wear is unacceptable. Standard Toyo 225/70/16 showed unusually hard wear at the 5000klm service - Toyota said my wife was driving too hard. Tyre rotation, balance & alignment at 10000 failed to slow the wear & we need new tyres at 27000. Toyota offered to fit the same tyres again. I've gone elsewhere for Yokohama with a dealer fitted guarantee of 40000 minimum so long as we rotate & balance every 10000.

1st Nov 2007, 07:44

I HAD a Kluger Grande purchased in July 2005. Loved the car, the build quality and driving it in a straight line at motorway speeds. Around town the transmission was WOEFUL. Gear changes were uncertain and unpredictable, and didn't know what it was going to do when the accelerator pedal was pushed. It lagged terribly then surged. Braking and then accelerating was very frustrating as it could take ages for the car to realize that it was not supposed to be slowing down. Towing something was even worse.

I complained to local Toyota dealer and they were very helpful (Castle Hill Toyota, I'd recommend them to anyone) They updated the gearbox, changed the computer software several times. There was a small improvement, but still not satisfactory. After more complaining on my part, eventually they put me on to Toyota Australia and they brokered a deal to trade in the KLUGER at at very good deal for a Prado Grande Diesel. Best thing I ever did. The Prado is superb, all it needs are a few more little storage areas for nik-naks for the driver.

So my advice is if you are really hacked off with your Kluger's transmission, get your dealer on your side and ask for assistance to trade from Toyota Australia. I will definitely buy another Toyota.

10th May 2008, 03:23

I have a volvo V70 2001 model which has the same "operational characteristic" flaws as this particular Kluger. I have been told by a transmission specialist it most likely is the valve body controlling the transmission. To fix would cost at least AUD 3000. I am putting up with it, until it becomes worse. I would get about 1 bad shift in about every hour of driving (city traffic), exclusively at low throttle.

Still, very annoying.

13th Oct 2008, 01:40

I'm looking at purchasing a 2004 Kluger. Question is - do these transmission problems exist in every Kluger and is there a specific series of steps I can perform during a test drive to try to trigger the problem?

24th Jan 2009, 00:30

I have owned a 2004 Kluger CVX for just over a year now, and taken it from 58,000 to 108,000kms. I was going to buy a Territory s/h, but was warned off them. But the Kluger, notwithstanding the sometimes clunky auto trans, has been brilliant. No mechanical problems whatsoever, great room, and real-world average of about 12l/100km. Great roomy interior, best rear-leg space of any car I have owned. It had brand-new Hankook's when I bought it, and they are now less than 50% worn. Yes the trans does 'think' a bit too much sometimes and delay, but I prefer manuals and use it as a manual around the hills as well. I have never driven a perfect auto trans in my life - they have not built one.