1988 Toyota Landcruiser HJ61 4.0 turbo diesel from Australia and New Zealand


Awesome long distance vehicle that makes a great Sudanese gun ship!


GX TD 12HT. Rear springs were sagged when I got it (80k), replaced myself with complete "Ironman" set front & back with shocks. $1500. These lasted well and were still serviceable, but replaced at 275,000km by as new "Old Man Emu" 4 x set from a write off. $500 - bargain.

Gearbox & transfer case replaced 250,000Km ($4200), 1 year after family Simpson desert trip full load with 120 litres water, 150 litre diesel, campstuff, kids stuff etc. Cruiser did all 1143 sand dunes easy - climbed "Big Red" with full load - no run up needed! Even drove over a dead camel carcase (I didn't see it after cresting a dune). My rig had developed a oil leak between gbox & tcase but no external leak. Apparently not uncommon but with long sustained driving, oil migrates from one to the other setting up a trans failure. Toyota has the fix, but doesn't provide it standard! A cheap "return pipe" kit bolts straight on to blanked screws in gbox / tr. case and eliminates the problem!?!

Recently (285,000km) had alternator failure during caravan trip. Drove for 3 days (twin batteries) before getting reco'd one for $850.

That's the total repairs outside normal stuff like oil, filters, tyres, batteries etc. I do my oil changes every 5 - 7500km, and that's it. It never uses oil, or water and has never been to a dealer! Hell even the flat tyres were 3 years apart!!

This vehicle drives better than the day I bought it, and gives total confidence when covering big distances on or off road, loaded or towing. It will tolerate urban driving, but begs for long runs. I couldn't sell this vehicle now, but would swap it for a wife who complained as little as it does!

Mods: 150 l fuel tank, rear step/towbar wheel & 20l Jerry carrier, steel bull bar (you will need to jack off it) & spotlights.

PS. Invest in a good quality drivers seat, that's the only other fault with these trucks.

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Review Date: 5th July, 2009

17th Apr 2013, 03:26

Fully agree with these comments; have had one for only six months now, but it's proving unstoppable with little complaint. Had the 60 2H for ten years before that, and this is much better for long distances.