2001 Toyota Landcruiser GLX 4.5 from Australia and New Zealand




Handbrake did not hold the car on a steep hill from new, dealer attempted to fix the problem several times, but it returned. Generally OK as it's an auto (can put it in Park) and the problem only happens on STEEP hills.

Muffler needed to be replaced at 80000km, done under warranty.

Nothing else from regular maintenance.

General Comments:

Good solid car, overall fairly reliable compared to some Fords I've owned in the past. Cruises easily at highway speeds 110km/h+ and has plenty of torque to pull up steep hills with ease.

Off-road this car is unstoppable, in low gear will crawl up any muddy/ rocky hill, no matter what incline. Has plenty of space for luggage and suspension that can carry the weight.

In the city this car is just as comfortable with a high driving position a real advantage. However it does take up the whole lane and small cars tend to desperately try to overtake as it is difficult to see when stuck behind a Landcruiser.

The turning circle on this car is obviously huge and is only really a problem on small suburban roundabouts or carparks. Parking in some shopping centres where the height is limited to below 1.9m is not possible.

Maintenance is expensive for this car. Tyres cost $300 (AUD) i.e. per tyre. In the city this car uses 20-21L/100km, and on the freeway about 14-15L/100km; this normal driving not thrashing the car.

Overall excellent car, but, would not buy it unless you need a large go anywhere 4WD, which you WILL use off-raod.

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Review Date: 23rd November, 2007