2008 Toyota Landcruiser VX 4.5L turbo diesel V8 from South Africa


Definitely worth your money!!


Recently had to replace the turbo because it had blown. The engine was whining above 1000 RPM!! The replacement of the turbo is a very long process, as the turbo is situated in a difficult spot. Also the turbo is VERY expensive, and since we don't get them here in SA, we also had to pay for the shipping costs.

The Landcruiser is a very large car, so parking in town can be a challenge.

General Comments:

The Landcruiser is an absolute fantastic car for the African Bush!

The huge engine really helps on the back roads; when you're behind a granny and need to overtake, it launches you forward and off you go.

Offroad this car is hard to beat, ground clearance is great and with the power you can easily pull out of muddy roads. The centre differential and 4×4 is easy to engage and easy to remove...

It is a very big car, so driving in town can be difficult, but since it's such a tall car you can easily look over traffic. The car has perfect room, even in the back row of seats!

And the boot is simply huge, so you can carry nearly anything you want.

Overall the Toyota Landcruiser 200 will NOT let you down!!

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Review Date: 18th August, 2015

2008 Toyota Landcruiser 4.5L V8 twin turbo 1VD-FE from Tanzania


King of the road indeed


Need to change the engine oil every 2,500km.

General Comments:

A lovely machine. Very reliable and has no problems going through rough roads. The 4.5L twin turbo V8 is very powerful, and it also handles quite well. With the engine producing 260hp, it can easily get to 100km/h in less than 8 seconds.

Fuel consumption is amazing considering its size. It can manage 8.7km/L, and this model has two tanks, which take a total of 150 liters, so I can travel more than 1,000km with both tanks full.

However, it does consume a lot of engine oil. Have to make sure I add more every 2,500km.

Its off-road capabilities are amazing. Has no trouble at all, and even at 160km/h on rough gravel, the ride is still smooth and very comfortable. The only competitor it has is the Range Rover Vogue, but I opted to go with the Land Cruiser because of its reliability and positive reviews.

Overall it's fun, and will never fail on you if you maintain it well.

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Review Date: 7th January, 2012