3rd Nov 2004, 11:01

I purchased a 1984 FJ60 about two months ago and after the initial repair to pass smog (blown intake gasket) it has run OK. I have had a bit of frustration with the LC or the mechanic who worked on it and I am not sure which is to blame. I have had a string of things go wrong and they almost seem linked to the visits to the mechanic. One week after the gasket was replaced the power steering pump went out, two week, the A/C quit working (another thing the mechanic worked on) and now the wiper switch makes a strange noise and it has developed a exhaust leak.

I am in the process of fixing it all myself to ensure it is done and nothing else goes out.

I enjoy the LC and would recomend one to a buyer.

7th Jan 2005, 15:05

I purchased my 83 FJ60 3 yrs ago. Initially I had to invest a bit of money on work done to both the transmission and the engine since, unfortunately, the previous owner was a little unkind to the car. The body and interior were in great shape though and the mileage was low so I figured it would be worth the initial investment and was I ever right! This has been the best car I have ever owned. With just regular maintenance I know this car will last me a long time not to mention it looks great. I have owned other Toyotas in the past and was happy with them, but I have certainly become a Landcruiser aficionado since I purchased this one and I wouldn't consider buying anything else in the future.

15th Nov 2005, 12:07

I had a 1984 FJ60 with 150K on it for three weeks when a kid who had his license for a week run in to me and it was gone. I looked for two years and found 1985 with 103K and I am still driving it. I love the way it handles in the snow packed roads of Colorado or running 80mph on I-25. It is a great vehicle to have as a second car. Fuel efficient car being the first one. FJ60's do not ask for much, once in a while oil change, and check the gear fluids and that is it.

Pueblo Colorado.

10th Aug 2008, 09:38

I agree, The fj60 is the ultimate vehicle in looks and performance. I had a 85 Sahara in desert beige with 17' desert duellers and it was a monster; I use to admire its slick design. It use to look like a Hummer with the alloy checkered side steps and front bar, comfort as well nice bucket seats, adjustable steering, dual A/C front and rear, sunroof, heaps of space with the raised roof.

My grandfather brought it new and I received it with 460000 on the clock, and it looked brand new. The f2 engine never had the head off and was on gas. A valve saver fluid injector probably helped and extractors, the high compression engine is great for 4w driving but not so great in traffic. Slow take off but will easily start in 2nd.

Talk about reliability; it has been around Aus 7 times, and even towed behind a bus on a tandem. It looked it's place in the desert. Unfortunately I had an accident and bent both the chassis rails so it was goodnight Sahara! Could have repaired her, but over $10,000 damage it saved my life. It went through two trees head on at around 70kmh, pulling both trees out of the ground. Amazing that's what it took to kill her.

I'm trying to look for one in as good nick, but it's rare to find exact model color and interior. I would definitely buy a 60series over the new 100 and 200 series. The new ones look false. If I had to I would settle for an 80 series, but only if I had to.