1st Oct 2009, 22:10

If you'd rather have a Rover in the desert for Reliability then good luck to you! There's a reason you can buy Rovers all day long for 5k used... They are the least reliable vehicle in any class by 50 miles.

2nd Nov 2009, 23:58

I purchased my FZJ80 Toyota Landcruiser new in 1994 and use it as a daily driver. I have just passed 355,000 miles and have replaced the starter motor. That's it. Now that's reliability.

25th May 2010, 00:12

Sure an engine that blows isn't reliable... but come on... Rovers are abysmal when it comes to reliability. If you are going to pack along a trailer with an extra Rover in the back, then you are safe. Other than that? Bad idea.

I love Rovers. They are amazing when they are running. But their reliability record is terrible. Any Toyota that is built on the Landcruiser or Prado platform is going to have a better chance at surpassing 200,000 miles without much problem than any Rover.

25th May 2010, 19:12

Wow, the first comment is comparing a Landcruiser to a Land Rover Range Rover in reliability??? I don't think you will find any Land Rover owner in the world who would agree with you.

14th Jul 2010, 12:44

Wow. Suggesting a Range Rover compared to a Landcruiser?

Someone has been drinking the overpriced Kool-Aid...

26th Apr 2011, 13:30

Land Rover and reliability...please! Moreover, comparing the Rover to a Landcruiser on wheeling. Cruisers out wheel a Rover any day. If that wasn't the truth, then why are all the Rover forums based on repairs and the pitfalls of owning one, while the Cruiser forums based on wheeling and lifestyle.

Rovers are over priced snob SUV's made for Beverly hills house wives to get back and forth between their hair appointments. The 3.9 motors were junk. The Lucas electricals were an abomination, and the fuel injection was worse. The 4.0 was a cheap fix for all the 3.9 issues... and another failure, e.g. timing chains, flat cams, head gaskets (again). Basically the only thing those engines have done consistently is produce sludge and facilitate weekly bikini waxes. Rovers look the part... Cruisers drag their broken carcasses out.

29th Feb 2012, 21:09

I was in Kenya a few years back. Our drivers were fighting over the Cruisers, no one wanted a Rover. They said they will leave you every time; and in the bush, you could be out there for days!

18th Apr 2013, 13:34

This Toyota engine is one of the most reliable engines ever made.

As far as the Land Rover, yeah right. They have the worst reliability ratings of all 4x4's out there. They are good, but now way better than the FZJ80. The Land Rover V8's are terrible, can you say factory defect oil pump failures? Older Land Rovers have traditional 4x4 when the CDL is locked, while newer ones rely on sensitive electronic brake-controlled traction control to prevent wheel spin. Just no comparison to locked diffs.

FZJ80's are robust off road machines. Huge solid axles. Full floating rear. Dashboard selectable front and rear electric lockers. Bulletproof inline six and heavy duty transmission.

Don't know much about the Mercedes.

21st Apr 2013, 01:25

My opinion is stay far away from Range Rovers. Impressive as a realtor til you break down and miss appointments. Engine woes and suspension that blew out.