20th Sep 2002, 20:53

I have a 1986 Toyota Pickup 4x4 22R. My dad bought him (I call it by male reference because he's a tough dude) in '86 as the original owner. Since then, the truck has put on approximately 210,000 miles and has continued to keep a steady rev with the help of loyal repairs and care.

My truck got wrecked almost a year ago and the insurance considered it a total loss, but there was no frame damage, no engine damage, or anything that was more than cosmetics. I had him fixed, painted up, and since then, have been rebuilding the entire truck from inside out. Redid the interior, kept the engine in great shape, new starter, new battery, new plugs, new tires, going to get new shocks soon, got a new bed liner, tinted the windows all black, had the body painted midnight blue sparkle, and put $1500 into a new stereo system.

The trucks a beauty. I recommend any Toyota truck to anyone, especially an 86-87. They run great and they sure are dependable.


West Covina, CA.

8th Oct 2002, 00:35

I have an 1982 long bed Toyota pickup and it is just great. There are so few of them around and people ask if they can buy it all the time. It only has 126,000 miles on it. I have had to change the alternator, carburetor, and other basic mainteance. I expect the truck to make it well over 300,000 miles and that's a pretty good deal considering I only paid 700 dollars for it.

4th Dec 2002, 17:46

I have an '83 long bed Toyota pick-up that I got from my dad about a year ago. It has 243,000 and it has never let me down. I have spent a total of twenty five dollars for repairs (used alternator) and the truck feels like it will keep running forever. I do a lot of long range driving and contrary to most of the other comments on this page I think that it does just fine. I can cruise at 75 MPH without any trouble getting up to speed and still get twenty miles to the gallon.

The only things that I don't love about this truck are the considerable lack of power and the fact that mine is two wheel drive, I live in the mountains in Colorado and I get stuck nearly every time that it snows.

18th Feb 2003, 10:45

Yes I have a 1982 toyota pick up. It is a great truck and only has 90,000 miles on it. I bought it from my girlfriends step dad for only 1,000 dollars. Anyways I wanted to ask you a question. It runs great except whenever I let my foot off the gas it goes dead. I have already rebuilt my carb, put a new fuel pump and cleaned out my gas tank. I just wanted to see if yours ever did it and what you did to fix it. thanks a lot. Jacob Halfon.

29th Jun 2004, 20:43

I have an 83 pick-up pushing 200,000 and its still rocking. My only problem is that I'm having a hard time finding parts. IE) interior, dash, front grill.

26th Dec 2004, 02:40

I have an 83'Toyota long-bed 4x4. In my opinion, it the best vehicle ever made. I have had no trouble with it, and it will go any where. Mine has around 250,000 miles on it. I need a bed for it though, and any info would be helpful. If the Toyota people would remake the 83 model 4x4 pickup, I would buy it.

7th Jan 2005, 15:56

I own a 83 toyota pick up truck long bed. This is a good peice of machine. It has gotten me through everything. My dad gave me the car in 1999 when I graduated high school. I always run into people who want to buy it, but I would never sell it. The odometer stopped at 83,999 miles who knows how many miles it has. This truck is so tough it ran ten miles with less than a quart of oil, fifteen miles with no water and it still hanging in there.

L Rivers Los Angeles CA.

19th Aug 2006, 23:50

I bought my 83 4x4 new. I now have 235,000 miles on it. Looks rough, but I put a rebuilt tranny in her at 202,000. I love this truck, but also need a new bed, any info would be nice. thank you yano.

29th Aug 2006, 18:01

I have an 83 with 215k. It still runs great, but like the previous message, I need body parts. I have found pretty much all I need except for the bed. Anyone have any info on locating one?


23rd Dec 2006, 23:55

Hi from New Orleans (the sunken city). I have a white 83 truck, 22R engine, automatic, long bed, with 96,000 miles. Bought it in 85. Fantastic little truck. Had many offers to sell, but wouldn't dream of it. Only problem ever had was the coil went bad about 15 years ago. Tried junk yard, couldn't find same year, took chance with 85 coil for $30. It had a few more wires, but I just hooked up the ones that looked like they would work, taped off the others. Cranked right up and has been running like a champ ever since.

Bed needs some work, rust around rear bumper, but other than that its in excellent shape. Have a Camry and a 90 Turbo Supra also - Go Toyota!!



23rd Jan 2008, 20:52

I don't know if anyone is around the Denver area, but there is a place here called the Yota Yard. They have about everything you could ever imagine for older toyota pickups and 4runners. The website is: http://www.yotayard.com/home.htm.

They don't update their online parts selection, so your best bet is to call them.

I've found countless parts I've needed for restoring my 1983 4x4, so it's a decent source.

21st Jun 2008, 15:53

Just picked up a 83 long bed pickup with 70,000 miles on it. It runs sweet, but it has an automatic trans. with overdrive. The OD will not always kick in. It will at times do it when everything is real hot. The truck sat for several years in a garage and was not driven. Anybody have any ideas where to start looking for the problem?

29th Nov 2009, 18:17

I found a site that's selling fiberglass body parts. www.toyotafiberglass.com. Might be a bit late for these postings.