2008 Toyota Matrix XR 1.8 from North America


A good alternative to an SUV or mini van


Check engine light fault resulted in replacement of the catalytic converter... $1300 for the part, but thankfully covered by warranty. Apparently common for this year... so check the records if buying.

Other than that, this car performs just like my last Toyota; simply turn it on and go.

General Comments:

This is a Corolla in Swiss Army form. The seats are higher, and it is very roomy with multiple ways to configure the interior.

Generally very comfortable with great cargo hauling capabilities. Back seat is easy access and comfy for two adults. I have hauled a large six drawer dresser with the seats down. Tailgate window opens for long items to stick out with the gate latched. Very handy, and my large German Shepherd thinks it is his home away from home.

Fuel economy is about 3-4 MPG below my previous Corolla LE, but still gives a very good 32-34 MPG (easy miles with a mix of country and suburban).

As with other Toyota cars I have owned, this one is rattle and squeak free, and performs as new (I wonder if some of the reviewers that complain of rattles, peeling paint, cracking windshields, etc., might be buying previous collision or salvage cars?).

I do like the Corolla dash design better than the Matrix... The Corolla has large gauges with easier on the eyes green illumination, while the Matrix is a garish red/orange color with tiny gas/temp gauges trimmed in distracting bright chrome, with impossible to read radio and info LCD displays, a design favoring appearance over function. Overall my only gripe considering the total performance.

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Review Date: 26th April, 2013

28th Apr 2013, 06:43

p.s. I'm the O.P. and I reversed the meaning of the reliability value... meant to give high marks for reliability. All the Toyotas I have owned in the past 35 years have generally been very reliable.

2008 Toyota Matrix Base 1.8 Gas from North America


I am waiting to like it


I have had numerous rattles in the rear of the interior.

General Comments:

Overall this car is economical, reliable and fun to drive. It seems lighter, quicker and better handling than my previous 06 Corolla. I like the clicky feel of the shifter.

I am very disappointed with the dealer service.

I have had numerous rattles in the interior and a complaint about a noisy door handle.

I have had it in twice to be fixed to no avail.

The service manager promises to help me out with the problems. I will add a comment later to report how it goes.

The rattles are driving me crazy and keeping me from really enjoying what I think should be a great little car.

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Review Date: 10th January, 2008

11th Jan 2008, 04:30

I sympathize with you, I bought my first new car in September '07 (Ford Focus in Australia) and rattles have appeared after around the first 5000 k's. I'm trying to fix these myself, but have not had much luck so far. I know if I complain to the dealer two things could happen; it either doesn't do it when they drive it, or they try to fix it and it make's no difference or makes it worse. It really does take the shine off as otherwise I love the car, but it does seem to be built to a price. Plus the CD player packed up at 2500 k's. Good luck.

25th Apr 2008, 08:28

I've read about the rattles: sometimes taking the liner out of the glove box and tightening the screws in there will fix it. My 2008 Matrix had some rattles until I tried that. Now, if I could only get to the one behind the dash...