1984 Toyota MR2 1600 G-Limited 4AGE-1.6-16v-DOHC from Australia and New Zealand


Successful happiness is the the key with AW11 MR2 :)


Battery & some tyres, runs mint & very grunty, even better on BP-98 octane or Shell V-Power, which are the better fuels, for better all use/daily.

Also get into your local MR2 owners club, as they can help you with most common faults/problems.. or go on a run for fun.. it's the best.

Spark plugs & leads can play up. So get the best you can get/or afford.

Also alternators do get water in them thru the right side venting from the bonnet, which is a common problem.

Sometimes AW11s will be a pain to get running in the morning; try push starting or a slow towing; that helps the alternator getting running properly.

Some early SW11-MR2 1984-early '87 do get the problem of having crap battery. My solution is to get a battery with 350-430CCA. I always get a 430cca battery, as they last me forever...

For tyre pressure, 32 psi is the best for older cars.

General Comments:

With over 300,000 kms on the clock, it will still do over 170km/h, But always have strong tyres..


128bhp/129.8 ps 4age version engine.

G-Limited, with bodykits & spoilers.

Standard moonroof 3way, great in the sun/summer.

5 speed manual (manual is better choice) auto are lazy!! 12v system front & rear boots, with multi blue interior night lighting (by s/belts & c/console) & Rear Red led light for night driving.

Fuel: on 95-98 Mobil/Shell or BP 95-98.

98 fuel test, 6.5L/100kms, 80% country as well as paddock testing/drifting... happiness is the KEY.

Best: 6.35L/100kms 90% country driving.

Average: 7.0L/100kms, 50/50 ratio (town & country).

Worst: 8.0L/100kms city/slow driving... etc

I'm a gentle driver, unless I'm out of town - then my right foot gets heavier... I don't know why... bugger :)

Also use Pro-ma PT5 for the fuel system, as it does help clean it out with octane booster..

Pro-ma MBL8 is great with your engine oil, as it helps with everything inside your 4age..

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Review Date: 22nd April, 2011

1984 Toyota MR2 4A-GE bluetop 1.6 from Australia and New Zealand


A true MR sports car for the masses


As I've only had this MR2 for a short time, I can say nothing "new" has gone wrong, but it has come with problems like, electric windows only work when they want to (I should be able to fix it myself), probably due to the contacts.

When the engine is cold, I have to keep the revs over 1000rpm or it will die till it warms up a bit.

Heater does not blow hot air, and the air con does nothing.

General Comments:

I've owned two Supra Turbos and a Levin, and I have to say that I really feel like I'm driving a sports car for the first time with my MR2.

Sitting inside you, feel like you're in a true sports car, with a nice looking dash that with its design, makes it feel very roomy.

The first time you drive one can be a bit scary, due to its mid engine and lack of power-steering. I felt as though it was going to under-steer, that is until I changed my driving style to suit this layout, and now find it to be the most fun and rewarding car I've every been in.

It's a great car to get to work and back and for weekends, however I probably wouldn't want to do long trips often, since the seats get uncomfortable after a while, but do offer more than enough support for those mountain roads.

The 4A-GE big port engine is a great surprise when the revs build up, the exhaust changes its note and you feel a bit of a rush to the 7200rpm red-line.

The previous owner removed the smog gear, so mine may have "slightly" more power than stock, but the car is no slouch.

All in all, if you want a car that makes you feel happy, and don't need a lot of room for mates and luggage, I totally recommend this car for you.

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Review Date: 7th July, 2006