1998 Toyota MR2 GT Turbo (rev5) 2 Litre twin entry turbo from UK and Ireland


An excellent 2 seater tourer


My toyota head unit no longer reads cd's. That's the only problem I have had since picking up my car from the importers circa July last year.

General Comments:

Despite being made in 1998 my car is a revision 5 turbo (in 1998 the UK only had revision 4) The main differences are mainly cosmetic, but still it's nice to have the "final run" as such.

The interior is very comfortable, however the cabin is a little short on space as you would expect from a 2 seater. Should you be much taller than 6ft you may not be too impressed! Despite this lack of space, the equipment switches are intelligently placed, and everything is simple and convenient to use.

The boot size is ample, I managed to happily fit a suitcase and a lot of other bits in the rear when I went away for a short break with someone.

With regards to my "6" I gave to running costs, be warned that results can vary wildly. On a long motorway run I have got circa 250 miles to a full tank (approx £35 worth of optimax) However, if its mainly "spirited" driving you are doing, don't expect much more than 150 miles to a tank. If you have a lead right foot, you are going to end up severely out of pocket, or in a hedge (you really do need to respect this car)

The turbo charged variants have rather hard suspension as standard, which on normal/good surfaces does not cause a problem, however you really do have to slow down for speed humps, failing to do so results in one hell of a clatter. Also on poor surfaces you may be able to "feel" the road a bit more than is desirable, but that's a minor downside.

Of course the turbo charged variants do have the major upside of being particularly quick, acceleration is rapid and overtaking power is present by the boatload. If 241BHP is not enough, numerous modifications can be done to reduce turbo lag, and to increase horse power, torque and such like. Mine however will be staying standard.

Do make sure you select the tyres you choose to put on your car wisely, put simply sub standard tyres can result in you being in an unpleasant situation! Don't learn the hard way like I did!

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Review Date: 12th January, 2004

21st Feb 2005, 13:36

They made a rev5 in the UK as well, but only N/A. Rev5 turbos are rare I agree. *245bhp standard. 3SGTE engine.

25th Jan 2007, 06:34

245PS actually equals 241BHP.

The guy is correct mate.

19th Jun 2008, 02:31

Well it's now 2008 and I still own the car, still the only thing to have gone wrong with it is the Toyota head-unit that I swapped out years ago! :)

1998 Toyota MR2 GT T-Bar 2.0 from UK and Ireland


Gets marks for stunning looks not performance


The car has been fundamentally reliable apart from two things which have never been successfully cured by Toyota mechanics (I have put the car in to two registered dealers five times). Have to say that the quality and customer focus of the Toyota sales team is impressive. The quality and customer focus of the servicing staff I found to be abysmal and verging on comical.

Firstly a very loud squealing noise from the wheels on first setting out on a journey which disappears after about half a mile and secondly the noisiest, squeakiest brakes I have ever had to endure. This was a problem on the previous MR2 I owned too.

General Comments:

The MR2 T-bar (before it was replaced by the doomed roadster) is a beautiful and sexy car. The technical backing given by Toyota would put me off another buy even though the sales teams were always very professional and helpful.

The performance is very disappointing in low revs and does not match the performance of the original MR2. Out of interest, I test drove the roadster which had all the unique selling points of the MR2 taken out! Expect a redesign with boot space and more luxurious interior to emerge soon!

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Review Date: 11th September, 2000

3rd Jan 2012, 22:11

I trust you don't find my comments negative. Toyota probably employs young mechanics that have never worked on an MR2. Find yourself a top local mechanic you can trust, one who has Japanese car experience.

Your brakes squeaking is usually cheap pads!! Try a better brand that has backing on the pads, or get some advice there!! My brakes never squeal.

You don't state if your car is a Turbo?? If it's sluggish then it ain't I guess. Even a N/A shouldn't be sluggish. My Turbo will do 0-100kph in under 6 seconds, and my old '91 goes quite good off the mark for an auto!!! But the Turbo is just plain mean. I read your comments several times, and feel you could have taken a different approach. It's a bit like finding a different doctor if you don't like the bedside manner of the one you're currently visiting.

It's a pity your dissatisfaction with Toyota's service dept has put you off Toyotas and MR2's in particular. They are great little cars and well supported by clubs all over the World. I had a bad meal at a restaurant once, but it didn't stop me eating meat LOL!!!