MR2 Spyder 4 cylinder

Decent car for a modest driver, but can be dangerous in the wrong hands

273 words, North America

MR2 Spyder 1ZZ

Fun, quick, but the engine issues killed it for me

678 words, North America, 10 comments

MR2 Spyder 1.6L I-4

The most fun you can have on 4 wheels

266 words, North America


By far the best in it's class, most fun car under £30,000

310 words, UK and Ireland, 12 comments

MR2 Spyder 1.8 gasoline

A great driver's car at any price.

158 words, North America

MR2 1.8

Performance Bargain, no room for luggage

646 words, UK and Ireland, 5 comments

MR2 Roadster 1.8

Value for money drivers sports car

95 words, UK and Ireland, 5 comments