2005 Toyota MR2 Roadster VVTI 1.8 from UK and Ireland




The seals around the lights are poor as water gets in them and they then fog up.

It has an annoying reverse alarm.

It has an even more annoying seatbealt alarm.

The motorized antenna comes up wether you are using the radio or not.

The stereo is of a poor quality and is very ugly.

General Comments:

This car is an excellent drive and handles like it is on rails. it corners perfectly.

The transmission is a six speed sport gearbox which is ultra smooth and it is impossible to put the car into the wrong gear.

The 1.8 VVTI dual overhead cam gives this little car more than enough power and it looks awesome driving down the road with the roof down as a convertible or with the hard top on (Coupe)

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Review Date: 11th September, 2005

2nd Oct 2013, 16:35

You must own an SMT version. I recently totaled my 2004 SMT and purchased a 2005 manual 5-speed. The 5-speed doesn't have the reverse beeping. It also doesn't have the engine noise starting as soon as I open the door (like my SMT). I loved that SMT! Electronic clutch such a pleasure to drive. I have to admit, though -- this is the easiest manual transmission I've ever driven. If I ease up slowly enough on the clutch, I don't need gas to get it going (as long as it's not uphill). Still a ton of fun!