26th Apr 2001, 23:18

This guy is full of crap. A 700 hp mr2, you have got to be kidding me!!!

3rd May 2001, 10:21

No I'm not, if you were at MR2000 Last year you would have seen the car down the 1/4 strip, tore up the tarmac, left 2 dirty black streaks for the full 1/4 mile, how about some of you put your money where your mouth is and meet me down Santa pod where I regularly go for events and competitions, it's been featured in 7 different Mags and has even been on the Men and Motors channel on SKY.


It's all gone quiet.

8th May 2001, 07:25

BTW, here is a link, so before you mouth off, just think about it mate.

This is my car.

Oh and it now has another 20bhp.

So we are now talking 743bhp.




8th May 2001, 09:46


VERY nice looking car... And well done for adding that link. I'm sure many MR2 owners will be ordering that issue of Max Power so they find out how you did it.


21st May 2001, 13:09

Hi, I really like your car - very impressive 743 bhp!!! wow! I read the article and it's a really good achievement. You should be given some kind of award. My mate and I are very interested in buying 2 MR2 turbos of equivalent age/colour/condition/mileage. Please could you help me out by advising where I can purchase such cars, preferable where they might have plenty in stock to look at. I live in Guildford, Surrey, England and really like MR2 Turbos! thankyou for your help, congratulations again on that monster!

22nd May 2001, 07:27

I would if you left your mail addy mate!!!

23rd May 2001, 08:41

OK, I guess it's OK to leave it. Here ya go: scrubberx2319@yahoo.com chers matey!

9th Jan 2002, 15:00

Wow, what a monster you've got! I thought I was doing well with my '93 turbo putting out 289bhp. That must be some scary thing to drive. I have trouble keeping mine in a straight line when kicking it in the wet. Love the way the jealous sceptics don't believe your car's output. Many don't believe my little gem knocks out nearly as much as an M3-but they do when when they're sat next to me and I'm leaving all those expensive so called 'supercars' looking stupid in my mirror. You reckon you can squeeze any more horses safely from your motor?

4th Feb 2002, 19:18

Uhh... I find this very hard to believe. Not the car (I have the article on my computer), but the fact that you own the car. Do you have any better proof, like a picture that isn't from a magazine? I am fairly sure that the car is Phoenix Power's (they are also called Garage Fukui), as in they own it and use it for advertising/publicity and testing their products. Nearly every tuner company does this, because, well why would you buy after market parts from a company that doesn't have proof of their performance, looks, handling, etc... Phoenix Power solely tunes MR2s, and they have more 'demo' cars that are similar to this one. I know they have one with about 550bhp that is white and yellow. I know all of this, because I am really into the whole MR2 community, and own a 1991 Turbo. Basically you are most definitely talking crap, unless you own a different 750bhp MR2 that was featured in Max Power. Which obviously, you don't.

-Pyro Pat.

21st Oct 2002, 08:35

How much bhp does a standard mr2 turbo have? and how much would you need to spend to get it up to 300bhp. Also I know it may seem daft, but is it possible to get a 4 wheel drive system fitted to reduce the rear end stepping out any suggestions and comments will be welcomed thanks.

13th Dec 2002, 02:17

Pyro, as much as the 2's in your links are expensive and powerful they like a bit ott. A bit more subtle goes down a treat!

Also I am looking at getting a mr2, but as far as I have looked the insurance has been a bit steep on the turbo. How much do you all pay? and how old are u?

29th Dec 2002, 17:35

Hey now, I thought it was supposed to be the poor man's Ferrari...

...So why do we all need to win the LOTTERY in order to buy one???!!!

22nd Jan 2003, 05:15

To who originally wrote the review: anyone who thinks an Escort Cosworth is just a few spoilers and nothing else (just look at the sort of money they still go for) clearly knows nothing about it! (just ask Jeremy Clarkson who owned one)

Mr2 Turbos are great, but my dream car would be an Escort Cosworth - if they were going for the same bargain prices as an Mr2 Turbo, I would definitely have the Cosworth instead.

5th Feb 2003, 08:30

Ignore this guy completely - he doesn't own the car he's linked to and never will, he's a dreamer.

5th Feb 2003, 09:32

I was at MR2000, I don't recall seeing any MR2s leaving "2 dirty black streaks for the full 1/4 mile".

16th Nov 2003, 02:47

Here's the link to the 700 horsepower MR2.


As for all those people who don't know what you're talking about, saying it's impossible, in your face!

That's all I have to say. This is rock hard proof that MR2's are the world's FASTEST cars.

14th Jan 2005, 14:10

I'm trying to figure out what year is better when trying to buy an Mr2? I currently have a 91 Eagle Talon AWD which I am trading for + cash for a 91 Mr2 with the JDM engine already installed. Is this a good model year? Reason I am asking is because, the 90-91 talons have better engines then all the other years, is this so with the Mr2 as well?

I took the liberty to read all of the comments and I like what I read, but my question is this...

I'm from the US, we have different requirements when it comes to emissions, can I buy my dream car "right hand drive, 5-speed, T-tops, with a turbo and still pass inspections?

Where can I look to find this car to buy one?

All the links that where provided I couldn't get into, is there another way I can see these links? Maybe a better web-site?

All I want is a 10-sec. car "Mr2" what do I need to get first to last to get there?

Is it true that the Mr2 can bottom out at 1200hp? I heard that threw the grape vine.

If anyone wants any of these questions please contact me.