9th Jan 2006, 00:00

As far as steering adjustment is concerned I believe only the tilt is adjustable, not the rake (for pulling the wheel closer to you or closer to the dash) on the MkI MR2?

10th Apr 2006, 09:59

If anyone is interested in buying an 85 I'm thinking about selling. Just under 145,000 miles at the time of this comment. Runs pretty good.

New Parts: Alternator, clutch, starter, sway bar links, thermostat, CV drive axle, new floorboards (flat steel pop-riveted with thick undercoating), complete exhaust, brakes, brake lines/hoses, Bridgestone Potenza G009's with only about 5,000 miles, new e-brake cables, new motor mounts, recent coolant flush and pretty much a fresh oil change every 1,000 miles just for good measure while doing all these repairs... probably more that I can't think of immediately off the top of my head.

Problems: New starter is going already, but I'll probably replace that again before I sell.. (don't buy parts from National Auto), there is some valve chatter around 2,500 rpms, but only in neutral or in 1st gear for some odd reason, the oil pan is cracked, but is JB welded together... may want to replace that at some point, but the car isn't losing much oil at all so not a big concern... about 1/4th of a quart per month between the crack and the shoddy pan gasket. The car needs lower ball joints. They've been bad since I bought the car. Still handles quite well considering. The car idles at 2,000 rpm on a cold start, but idles right on or just below 1,000 when warmed up. I asked my mechanic why and he told me there's some type of wax pellet sensor that controls that, but it's not of any concern. When I bought the car the rear wheel arches were practically rusted away in the back. It's been sanded, patched with Bondo-hair fiberglass filler, and painted over. It doesn't look bad now. There is still some surface rust popping up here and there, but the car doesn't look too bad. The dumb kid who owned the car before me let it roll into his house while it was parked so the front bumper is a little ugly, but you'd have to see it. It's really not bad at all. Still drives nice, really a blast. E-mail me at gkelter@yahoo.com with Subject : 85 MR2 and make me an offer. Once you email me ill give you my number and we'll work something out. Thanks!